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The weather is cooling, cravings for hearty stews are upon us and hibernating within our homes is becoming the norm. As we’ll be spending more and more time inside, hiding from the cold and darkness that winter will bring, it’s time we turn our attention to some of the amazingly creative and fun crafts the fall season brings.

Personally, I’m really big on craft projects that will actually be useful, especially since I just moved and my apartment is in serious need of some decoration. Plus, there’s no better feeling than to finish a project and immediately see your hard work put to good use. I’m BIG on not spending a lot of money. One, because I don’t have the budget and, two, because I tend to have a lot of useless stuff around the house that can be recycled for crafting purposes. I also think that crafts projects should last at max only 4 hours and should be completed by that time.  No one wants to have shreds of felt paper, uncapped glue sticks and newspaper around their apartment for weeks at a time.  My motto: keep crafts simple, fun and doable.

An interesting project I’d like to do this fall is this Patchwork (Pet) Pillow courtesy of craft book author Jenny Ryan and Apartment Therapy.

photo by Jenny Ryan

photo by Jenny Ryan

For this project, wander into your closet and pull out all those bright, old, wool sweaters–yes, all the ones with the little pillie balls that you thought you’d wear again but never did–and put them to good use.  And that oldish pillow you’ve been hoarding at the top of your closet that hasn’t been used since 1985 will do fine.  A free afternoon, a little measuring, some pattern decision making and basic sewing skills is all you need for this colorful, super cute pillow/pet bed.

Another simple craft project that will give your abode with a little autumn flare are these Tin Can Luminaries that can be used both inside and outside. As soups are in season, saving some tin cans, giving them a good wash and peeling off the label shouldn’t be too difficult. After that all you’ll need are a beer can opener, a hammer, nails and some votive candle.  Be sure to place a saucer or terracotta plate under the cans as they get hot.

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The leaves have been falling for a few weeks now, so before we get some serious rain, it’s time to get out for a walk and collect whatever leaves interest you. Go for  recently dropped leaves; they’re the best for crafting. You’ll need to press the leaves (lay them flat on newspaper and place a heavy book on top) before they’ll be ready to dress up to your hearts content.  An easy preparation involves a glue stick and glitter (I like gold and red glitter). You can use the leaves as table decorations or attach them to a colorful string for a seasonal garland.

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It’s no secret that a lot of us have been spending our Saturday and Sundays watching football, so why not a craft project to support of our favorite NFL or college teams.  This Football Player, while not all that useful, is totally fun and spirited.  Print out the black and white template, and color per your team affiliations. Save some toilet paper rolls, add a glue stick and scissors, and you’ve got your very own special teams’ player.

Whatever crafting project you choose for this fall season, there are plenty of books and websites out there that can help guide and inspire you. As always if you do craft, be careful. Happy crafting!!!

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