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We Love Crafts: Fall

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‘potato printing acorn and pumpkin’
courtesy of ‘jimmiehomeschoolmom’

The weather is cooling, cravings for hearty stews are upon us and hibernating within our homes is becoming the norm. As we’ll be spending more and more time inside, hiding from the cold and darkness that winter will bring, it’s time we turn our attention to some of the amazingly creative and fun crafts the fall season brings.

Personally, I’m really big on craft projects that will actually be useful, especially since I just moved and my apartment is in serious need of some decoration. Plus, there’s no better feeling than to finish a project and immediately see your hard work put to good use. I’m BIG on not spending a lot of money. One, because I don’t have the budget and, two, because I tend to have a lot of useless stuff around the house that can be recycled for crafting purposes. I also think that crafts projects should last at max only 4 hours and should be completed by that time.  No one wants to have shreds of felt paper, uncapped glue sticks and newspaper around their apartment for weeks at a time.  My motto: keep crafts simple, fun and doable. Continue reading