We Love Weekends: Dec 11-13

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Corinne: This weekend I am SUPER excited to reunite with some folks in the windy city for the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival. (Check out these two awesome bands I’ll be hearing—that of my dear friend Todd, The Giving Tree Band, as well as DC-based Junior League Band.) But if I planned to stick around here, I’d kick off the weekend by hearing A Sunny Day in Glasgow at The Red and the Black tonight, watching the Andean Film Project at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre later in the weekend and taking one final peek at Edward Burtynsky’s Oil exhibit at the Corcoran (it closes Sunday). I’d also be very tempted to check out what all this Santarchy buzz is about!

Rachel: Another weekend? Thank god! I still haven’t completely unpacked from my move but that’s of no consequence — there’s life to be lived after all! What’s on the plate for this 2-day break from work? A pit stop at Don & Susan’s holiday party in Virginia and some Balvenie scotch tasting at Chevy Chase Liquors (5544 Connecticut Ave, NW) from 2-5 pm on Saturday (come one, come all?!?!). Other than that, I’m hoping to catch some cozy time by a friends fireplace in NoVa and try to start figuring out where the heck all my stuff is after my move. All I can say is … cheers!

Jenn: Well, it’s finally here. My first bellydance performance (cue shameless self-promotion music!) is this Saturday as part of Saffron Dance’s Spice of Life winter gala. The longest 3 minutes 53 seconds of my life. Kidding, I think I’ll be ok. That does mean my entire Friday and Saturday are sucked up in tech rehearsals, so there won’t be much time for fun until after the performance. Sunday I’ll definitely need a huge brunch (maybe it’s time to check out 1905’s revamped menu and rehauled wait staff?), and that night perhaps curl up in front of the fireplace at Tabard Inn for a hot toddy and listen to Victor Dvoskin play amazing bass.

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Katie: I’m headed out of town this weekend, but not before a happy hour on Friday. But where to go? I love the bar at Againn, but have a feeling I’ll wind up where I always do – at PS7’s with Gina. If I were in town, I’d be heading to The Eureka Dance Festival to watch the Glade Dance Collective perform. I’d also catch up on some DC-centric holiday shopping – each year I try and buy my parents a DC ornament for the tree. I usually find good ones at the Corcoran or at the National Gallery of Art.

Rebecca: College football is in serious bowl prep mode with only one game this weekend, Army v. Navy. This is a storied rivalry and I’ll be paying close attention to the game (Navy plays my Mizzou for the Texas bowl in a few weeks) while enjoying some quality beer and grub at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill. Post football, I’ll be checking out the Gonzaga DC Classic Championship game taking place at 7:45pm at American University’s Bender Arena.  It’s not often you get to see such quality highschool ball and potential NCAA/NBA superstars.

Kirk: As is common this time of year, I’ll be balancing a triple booked Christmas party schedule, and trying desperately not to offend anyone by missing out on their celebration.  Other than that, I’m thinking of swinging by E Street Cinema on Saturday to catch a matinee of Red Cliff, which I’ve been want to see for a few weeks.  On Sunday, I’ll probably try to swing by the lauded Meat in a Box after church and will probably spend the afternoon decompressing over football and bourbon.

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Shannon: It’s my last weekend in the District before I head out of town (to Italy!!) for the holidays, so my weekend is full of Christmas parties.  Unfortunately this means I’ll be missing out on Jenn’s bellydance performance (which sounds awesome) and the last weekend of Jersey Boys at the National Theatre, two events that I’d hoped to attend.  But on Sunday I’ll definitely grab my bike and head out to the Holiday Lights Bike Ride in Arlington, which seems like a great way to see some good Christmas lights around town without having to drive.

Carl: I have two parties this weekend. Friday I will be at Chez Don and Don’s Darling Wife. Sunday I have another party at my friend Jim’s house. Jim is a hell of a guy, so I look forward to seeing him. In between, I have a business meeting Saturday morning and after that I will go wig shopping for my father and maybe get my mother that wooden Indian she always wanted. In the in-between moments, I will be feeding on Vienna sausages and bourbon, which are the backbone of my new diet, by order of my physician.

Tom: This Friday evening I’ll be attending a Christmas party, which I hope will be overflowing with heavily bourboned Egg Nog and tasty food, but honestly, I’ll be glad to just hang out with my friends for an evening, especially after this brutal week!  Saturday and Sunday I am performing with Choralis in their winter concert and much of those days will be spent running around getting ready for the events.  I’m hoping, though, to get a trip maybe to the Italian Store for a tasty sandwich, or a brunch out on the town!

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Tiff: Every December, there is one weekend where we end up triple-booked every day. This weekend is that weekend for us. I’ll be spending the weekend juggling multiple holiday parties, the Choralis Classic Brass Christmas concert, breakfast date with the girls, missing Jenn’s Saffron Dance show, and OH YEAH, somewhere in there trying to get some Christmas shopping done.

Paulo: I haven’t been to the Renwick for a while, so Saturday is looking like a good time to check out the refreshed Grand Salon and the 2009 Craft Invitational. Of course while we’re in the neighborhood we will drop by the White House Christmas Tree. Then, Sunday will be entirely consumed with preparing for Christmas Candlelight Carols at First Baptist DC, in which I will be singing baritone. (Prelude starts at 4PM, BTW.)

Donna: In addition to the usual slew of holiday get-togethers, which includes a dinner of warm comfort food at the Melting Pot, this weekend I’ll be doing the Bread Run 10K, part of the Snowball Series, ironic since there’s a chance it’ll actually snow.

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