President Snowbama’s “Snowmageddon”

Photo courtesy of
‘DC Snow 1: Whiter Than the White House’
courtesy of ‘little-wings’

Blizzards don’t stop Presidents. President Snowbama (I AM hilarious) today ventured out into the frozen tundra of Penn. Ave (along with 14 other vehicles) to give a talk at the meeting of the Democratic National Committee at the Capital Hilton. But his what would normally be a short and uneventful journey riding in the luxury of the super-hip, certifiably badass “beast” limo turned into a rather eventful trip in a snow-killing Suburban that included not one but TWO little accidents. Snow induced fender bender in the Presidential motorcade before even making it out of the driveway? Check. Tree limb falling on top of a media SUV in the motorcade causing them to stop outside of Treasury? Check.

You can find all of the details in the CNN article here. Forget your Chicago winters Mr. Obama, welcome to Washington “We have more snow than Fairbanks this year”, D.C.

IN MUCH COOLER NEWS, Snowbama obviously read my post yesterday with the wrapup of DC snowtags and terms. Because today he used the term “snowmageddon” while publicly referring to the storm! SUCCESS. Also, how many times can I use the word “snow” in one post?

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