Will You Get WaPo’s iPhone App?

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Got an extra $1.99 hanging around and a hankering to have faster access to the Washington Post than you could from your iPhone’s Safari browser? The previously announced WaPo iPhone app, which has been hanging around the iTunes App Store for almost exactly a month now, was the subject of a nice blast e-mail coming from the Post’s Web team earlier today. So, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, just a friendly reminder that, well, you can.

Is this a neat foray into apps or just a “look we can go mobile” idea from the respected daily? As a non-iPhone user, I’m the wrong person to ask about its potential utility (although I did like that WaPo’s e-mail asked for feedback for those of us on other devices). Are there any readers using the app already or planning to get it? Should it be free instead? Interested to hear some thoughts on this one.

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3 thoughts on “Will You Get WaPo’s iPhone App?

  1. I am not paying for the app

    I can get plenty of news on other apps and can read WashPo stuff online for free

    Just not worth paying for even at $2

  2. I’d get it…if it was free!

    I will not pay for something I can get for free by using Safari.