Hot Ticket: Dragonette @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8/15/10

This summer has seen a string of excellent, female-fronted, electro-pop acts in concert so far and the action continues on Sunday night at Rock & Roll Hotel with Dragonette. Much like the record temperatures have been driving the mercury higher and higher, each awesome electro-pop show to hit town has raised the stakes for the next. The Golden Filter, Goldfrapp, and Robyn have all delivered phenomenal shows in DC and each one has been better than the last. For Sunday night, Dragonette are on deck and I’m expecting it to be a hot, humid, sweaty dance party when they make their bid for the Summer 2010 Electro-Pop crown.

Dragonette are touring to support a new single “Our Summer/Volcano” and a digital remix EP “Mixin’ to Thrill” featuring the new single and several remixes of tracks from their superb 2009 album “Fixin’ to Thrill”. Seriously, “Fixin’ to Thrill” is superb. If you don’t know Dragonette very well, but you like dance-pop music, drop what you are doing and buy this album today. Start getting familiar with these incredible tracks now, so on Sunday you can sing along and get down with the best of them. On “Fixin’ To Thrill” Dragonette trade in the guitars of their first album “Galore” for an expanded synth section and the results are phenomenal. Also on the “Fixin’…”, lead singer, Martina Sorbara offers an even more formidable performance with her New Wave meets Chicks on Speed vocal style. With their new singles Dragonette evolve their sound even further.

In essence, Dragonette are an exciting band to watch because they’re always pushing their sound in new directions, they take risks over relying on formula, and I think the potential energy physically trapped on their albums is going to explode when they perform live on Sunday night. Every fan of synth-based dance music in Washington should be shaking with anticipation for Sunday night’s show. I know I am.

w/ Shy Child & Detox Retox
@ Rock & Roll Hotel

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