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What’s it take to get appointed to Kwame Brown’s seat?

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‘Brown for Council Chair’
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With the results of the election now pretty clear, Kwame Brown’s At-Large council seat will need to be filled by special election.  Of course, in the meantime, someone will need to be the At-Large councilman in his seat, and that’s where the DC Democratic Party comes in.  They’ll be handling the appointment process.  If you want a shot at the appointment, here’s what you need:

  1. You must be a legal DC resident for at least one year
  2. You must be registered as a Democrat with the DCBOEE by January 5th, 2010
  3. You must circulate and return nominating petitions with 1,000 valid signatures of registered Democrats  in DC, with 100 per Ward, and 27 signatures of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee (DCDSC)
  4. Statement of Qualification and a Biographical Sketch (150 words or less, each)
  5. Declaration of Candidacy Form at the time of filing their petitions

You have to do that in the window that starts today, and runs through next Tuesday.  So, get your signature engines running, and you, too, can be considered by the DCDSC for a short four-month tenure as a Councilman in Washington DC.

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DCision 2010: The New ANCs

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While Tuesday’s general election was devoid of city-wide news of any note, it did mark the changing of the guard for the District’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.  The 286 seats split across the 8 wards work as an advisory council for various city programs and city agencies, as we explained in our ABCs of ANCs guide from earlier this year.  Various stories out of the ANCs, including some controversy about local liquor licensing, lead to a lot of discussions online about running for ANC. Something sure happened, because in Tuesday’s election 114 of the 286 seats changed hands, a 40% turnover rate.

More interesting than just the turnover, is that the number of seats in which there were 3 candidates or more doubled, and the number of seats that were uncontested went down by 5%.  In addition, there are 9 fewer empty seats on the Commissions than there were after the 2008 election. Take into account controversial ANCs like ANC 5C saw 50% turnover, and you’ve got a recipe for some interesting action over the next two years a bunch of new commissioners get their feet wet.

Good luck, new Commissioners, you’ve got a big load on your shoulders.  Click through for some of the interesting breakdowns from the DCBOEE results.

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Get Your Vote On 2010

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Unless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the last few weeks, then you’re well aware that today is Election Day 2010!!! If you’ve indeed been in a cave of darkness, then you can find your polling place courtesy of this DCBOEE map. The DCBOEE also has complete lists of the candidates in Ballot Order and ANC candidates.

In addition to casting your vote for specific candidates, DC is also voting on Charter Amendment IV (aka “The Elected Attorney General Charter Amendment”). Continue reading

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Best/Worst Halloween 2010 Costumes Part 2: Politics

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As we’re in DC, there’s no surprise that political costumes figure heavily into Halloween 2010 festivities and with the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in town politics-related costumes were in FULL effect. Continue reading

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On The Ballot: Electing an Attorney General?

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In addition to the hundreds of ANC campaigns, and the formal election of Vincent Gray and the Council, tomorrow’s District ballots will have a question for the voters of DC: Do you want the position of Attorney General to be appointed by the Mayor, or elected by the People?  The whole paperwork considering the amendment to the charter is quite lengthy, but can be found on page 39 of your voter guide, or in this handy PDF. To simply: vote for the proposition if you want to elect the AG, vote against it if you think that’s the mayor’s job.

Now to the pros and cons of such an affair.  Proponents of the charter amendment say that it will insulate the city against Attorneys General like Peter Nickles: unresponsive to citizen concerns, no accountability, and pursuing oddly-shaped justice.  Opponents of the charter amendment say that it will change the way Justice is meted out, and will have a chilling effect on unpopular prosecutions.  What say you?  For or against?

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The Rally To Restore Sanity: Why We All Need To Stop Analyzing It And Just Enjoy It

Wednesday night I was having dinner at the Gordon Biersch in the Cleveland Airport when the gentleman at the table next to me decided to strike up a conversation.

His name was Rocky Ray, and he worked for Michigan State University. He was on his way back to his home in Lansing but mentioned he was bringing his family to DC on Friday to attend the Rally To Restore Sanity. When he spoke about bringing his kids to The Rally he had an enthusiasm that a Dad would have keeping his kids up for a No-Hitter in baseball. He talked about his past family trips to DC for the past two Inaugurations and his excitement for The Rally made me realize how high this event has risen.

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Commander Salamander to Close. This Time For Realz

CS finally closing

We’ve been covering the Commander Salamander store closing situation since January 20, 2010. At first it appeared the historic and nostalgic shop was closing, yet the “going out of business” remained in the windows and the doors remained opened. Then about a month ago, the signs disappeared leaving the fate of the shop unknown. Now, according to City Paper, and as confirmed by the above storefront signs, Commander Salamander is indeed shuttering.

Merchandise is being HEAVILY  discounted. So if you’re in town for the “Rally To Restore Sanity” or if you’re just a fan of a store’s punk/hipster/preppy/raver gear, the shop (located at 1420 Wisconsin Ave NW–between N P St & N O St, is definitely worth a stop in.

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It’s Easy Being at the Green Festival

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Weekend plans still up in the air? Then add the Green Festival, taking place Saturday and Sunday at the Washington Convention Center, to your calendar.

This is the nation’s premier sustainability event, where individuals, businesses and community leaders come together to discuss critical issues that impact us at home and abroad.

The event features renowned authors, leaders, educators, great how-to workshops, cutting-edge films, activities for kids; organic beer and wine, vegetarian cuisine, live music and the latest and greatest in green innovation.

It’s also a great place to pick up some holiday gifts with more than 350 eco-friendly businesses selling everything from all-natural body care products  to beautiful kitchen tiles made from renewable resources.

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DCRA to release old maps via Flickr

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‘F Street – SW, SE, and NE – 04-9-10’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

While this map here isn’t from DCRA’s collection, the District’s regulatory agency, which includes mapping, permitting and surveying groups, will be releasing all of their collected maps and plats via their Flickr account later today and in the coming weeks. I can only imagine the treasure trove that is their map room, full of images of the city throughout its 200 year plus history. As a committed map nerd, I’m also hoping that they’ll be posting high enough res, and with proper licensing, that I could have a couple printed for our house. I suspect that I will lose hours and hours and hours of productivity looking through the various maps of the city as they get uploaded.

I’m just hoping there’s at least one Peters Projection of DC in there.

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Lesbians can’t keep their hands off the Ravens’ cups

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‘Go Long’
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The Huffington Post and Washington Blade are reporting that during the Ravens’ September 26th game, a lesbian couple was unfairly thrown out of M&T Bank Stadium. There are mixed reports as to why the couple was ejected from the stadium. The Ravens claim that the couple was asked to leave because they removed concession stand merchandise (a plastic cup) without paying for it. The couple contends that they were thrown out because of their public displays of affection.

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The Joke Is On Congress As Stephen Colbert Testifies In Congress

courtesy of CSPAN

Like many DCers, I’ve watched a Congressional hearing or two either for work or… well, for work. I mean, who watches hearings for fun? When I heard that Stephen Colbert would be coming to Washington (ahead of his March to Keep Fear Alive) to testify in character before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security; I knew that it would be a hearing many would be tuning in for. He was called upon to talk about the issue of illegal migrant farm workers in the US after hosting several interviews and segments on the issue on his show, The Colbert Report.

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Fictional character Colbert testifies before Congress DC isn’t represented in

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Dear Congress:

You’ll let a comedian come in and testify as a fictional character, but we’re still waiting for voting representation? Thanks for nothing.

DC, you know, your neighbors

PS: Colbert’s testimony was actually pretty pointed and is worth a watch, which you can do after the jump. Continue reading

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Here Comes The Bag Monster

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Andy Keller, known to many as the “Bag Monster” is bringing his 500 – 700 plastic bag suit and plastic bag display to DC today.  If you caught Andy when he visited DC on September 6th, then you already know that Keller’s suit represents the amount of plastic bags the average American uses in a year and the rest of his display, 45,000 plastic bags, a single person’s lifetime consumption of bags. Keller’s goal is to educate communities about the harms of single-use bags, and while DC’s bag tax has helped diminish bag consumption, we’ve still got a ways to go.

If you spot the bag monster, send us a tweet @welovedc with his location.

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Dude! Where’s My Ginseng?!!

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NBCWashington reports that two local area men have been found guilty of harvesting and hunting for wild herb ginseng at Savage River State Forest. Wild ginseng touted for its anti-tumor, anti-viral, antioxidant, and metabolic effects can potentially sell for $300 per pound.

According to the Western Maryland Research & Education Center, Ginseng grows “in hardwood forests in the eastern United States on well-drained, north-and east-facing slopes with rich soils.” Sounds like the DC area is the perfect.

The greatest threat to wild-simulated ginseng is human theft, also known as “hunting sang” in the Appalachian region. Currently, Ginseng is  listed by the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), and harvesting, buying, collecting and selling ginseng requires proper documentation and permits.

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Happy Birthday Star Spangled Banner!

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On this day, 196 years ago, young lawyer Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that would eventually become “The Star Spangled Banner.” Mr. Key who has been sent to negotiate the release of Dr. Beanes, an American taken hostage by the British, witnessed the Battle of Fort McHenry from a British sloop anchored behind the British Navy ships.

As night fell and the over 5,100 rockets, bombs, cannon balls, flares, etc. reined down on the fort, the immense American flag disappeared from sight. Come morning, as the lyrics go “our flag was still there” signaling that the British attempt to take Baltimore had failed.

Once off the British sloop, Key rested at the Indian Queen Tavern, where he recorded his famous poem. 5 days later, the poem had been printed and circulated all over the Baltimore area. Unsurprisingly, considering Baltimore’s “colorful” tavern atmosphere, someone eventually figured out that the poem’s lyrics worked smashingly well with the popular English drinking song “To Anacreon in Heaven” and the rest is, well, the history of our National Anthem.

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Primary Day is here

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‘Campaign signs’
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The polls open this morning at 7am, with multiple city-wide offices hotly contested, including the office of Mayor of the District of Columbia.  Whether you back Fenty, Gray, Alexander or even Faith, today’s your day to vote.  If you have questions concerning where to vote, whether you’re registered, or how to register on-site, DCBOEE has activated their election day website which has quick answers to all of those questions.  There is on-site registration this year, but there is not instant party-switch this year.  If you’ve not declared yourself to the DCBOEE to be a Democrat, Republican or Statehood Green party member, you cannot vote today, but can vote in November.

I’ll be working as part of the elections team in Precinct 70 today, as a technician on their equipment, so if you’re over that direction, do say hi.  Working the elections is a long, long day, with workers reporting at 6am, and then not leaving until usually 9 or 10pm, so go easy on your precinct people today if you’ve not voted already.

We’ll have live coverage of the returns when they start to come in tonight, both here on the site, and on our Twitter account, and we’ll have a full breakdown tomorrow of the winners.

Go! Vote! Participate!

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Campaign Notebook: September 13, 2010 – This is it

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‘H Street NE DC Flag’
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OK folks, we’re here. Primary Day is tomorrow, and soon the votes will be counted and this will all be over. It has been a pleasure covering these races, and trying to give readers the best information possible about the candidates. This final Campaign Notebook will serve as a basic assessment of each race and what to expect tomorrow. As always, we urge all our readers who live in the District to go to the polls and vote. There’s a lot of predictions and analysis in here, so let’s get to it. Continue reading

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Tea Party and Black Family Reunion to co-occupy Mall Saturday

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If you aren’t attending a rally, maybe you just want to avoid the Mall entirely this weekend. The Black Family Reunion will be held on the Mall between 7th and 14th all day on Saturday, and Unite in Action will be holding a March on DC that day as well from 12-4, marching pretty much the entire length of the Black Family Reunion.

The Black Family Reunion and a Tea Party rally also shared the Mall last year, in fact- only last year it was the much larger 9/12 FreedomWorks Taxpayer March on Washington. That rally is also happening again this year, but it’ll be on Sunday, and since the Black Family Reunion is only one day this year, the two will not conflict.

So while the 9/12 Tea Party rally in 2009 caused some issues for the Black Family Reunion from marchers using the Reunion’s portapotties and food vendors due to inadequate facilities for their own rally, it looks like it won’t happen this year. It seems the Saturday rally’s permit has been adjusted downward for a group of 2,000 or less.

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Campaign Notebook: September 2, 2010

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Well, we’re down to the wire here. Early voting has started. Also, this is the first week where there has been a significant change in outlook, and that’s a bad thing for the guy on the wrong end. There are only eleven days left until the primary, and Mayor Adrian Fenty is facing a double-digit deficit in the polls. Can he recover in time? Well, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Continue reading

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Restoring Truthiness

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There is a movement afoot to bring a demonstration to DC that will actually be awesome. A movement determined to bring Stephen Colbert to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to call America back to it’s core values, namely truthiness. This movement is gaining traction but is still in its infancy. But I’m spreading the word.  I want this vision to become a reality. Join your voices with the literally dozens of other patriots calling for Stephen Colbert to call us back to our roots.  Maybe if you tweet something awesome, it will end up on the Report.

PS: Colbert Nation, if this rally actually happens, pick up your trash.