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24 in DC: Episode 21 (6:00 to 8:00)

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It’s the last midnight, folks. In two more hours, Jack Bauer will have saved the world, cured Mad Cow, and destroyed more DC geography than the Canadians did when they burned down the White House. We’re here for snark, alcohol and a bit of group therapy. Join in!

Li’l Taylor is giving a statement to the DoJ about Jonas’ murder. Just a formality, she is assured.

President Woman President lays down the exposition about why finding that last canister isn’t the end of the danger, after all. Oh hey, they’re in dire need of sleep, just like every season of 24. Continue reading

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He Loves DC: Jack Bauer

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Jack and the Capitol 2, courtesy of tbridge

Got this in the email inbox late last night. Thought I should share it with everyone – seems Jack Bauer reads WLDC! Leave him your comments; he said he’ll be watching… -BHR

After innumerable years as a government employee trotting the globe, I’m finally back in the center of it all, beautiful Washington, DC. And I love it here.

There are lots of reasons why; I thought, since everyone’s been ragging on me this week, why not ‘fess up and tell you? Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 14 (11:00 to 12:00)

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This week’s recap is probably going to be a shorter

Jack’s getting a very special shower out on Not-Duke Street as we start this week’s episode. They make some comments about pathogens and neurotoxins, but it’s all pretty unclear. Nerve agents tend to be pretty much fatal or harmless, without much degree of in between. But, maybe the writers of 24 know just about as much about bioweapons as they do about DC geography.

And now, Tony and Jonas are facing off at the Fauxwater headquarters in suburban Virginia where they’ve brought the bioweapon. It strikes us as odd that Fauxwater would have a small military installation inside the Beltway where land is so brutally expensive, but, I suppose, if the CIA can do it, so can Fauxwater. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode Seven (4:00 to 5:00)

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Jack and the Capitol 2
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Hey there everyone. Tom and Tiff are currently being held captive in a basement of a Los Angeles bodega Dupont-area shop  so I’m going to be judging tonight’s battering of our beloved down. Jack don’t want to hurt you, DC, but you just make Jack so ANGRY….

Top of the hour means recap time to catch you up to date. I think this is the one where Jack faces a moral quandary and does what he has to in order to protect America. At the end of the last episode some extended gunplay had led to tragedy: over a dozen cases of Negra Modelo and Modelo Especial were broken and the beer sprayed everywhere.

Oh, and the First Dude got shot too.

Let’s go!

4:00 and they’re coming into the not-Dupont shop. Agent Freckles has barked at high volume that the first dude was shot but don’t spread it around. Look at the upside, at least he’s not a journalist with a headwound.

Then again, there’s no such thing as a West Arlington Hospital, so how bad can the care be?

4:05 and the quickest clearance process ever is taking place in the Oval Office. Where’s your SF86, Buchanan? Continue reading

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Weekend Flashback: 2/6 – 2/8/09

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Can’t believe it’s Monday already? Hey, we hear you. After what may well be the beginning of spring (or just a prelude), DC experienced a gorgeous weekend that erased our memories of the chilly weather last week.

Our photos of the weekend ranged from ice skating in Arlington to the DC Car Show to a visit by Jack Bauer to our region – which is a good thing, considering that Jack can’t seem to keep his facts straight about our beloved hometown. You swung by the Botanical Gardens and lingered at night to grab some great evening shots. So let’s enjoy, shall we?

Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 3 (12:00 to 1:00)

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Jack Bauer IV and 24 by Browserd

We’re a little late getting started, sorry for that, we were hanging out with some inaugural guests.

24 picks up this week right at the safe room where Prime Minister Baku is hanging out, which, supposedly, is up in Northwest off Foxhall Road. The house itself looks more like an LA-style mansion than the big properties up on Foxhall.


Agent Walker is driving up Constitution near Justice, getting bitched out by her boss for “torturing” the guy at the imaginary hospital down somewhere near 3rd and Independence. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode One (8:00 to 10:00)

24:00:00 by TCM Hitchhiker

With the return of everyone’s favorite vigilante/law-enforcer Jack Bauer, and the show’s move from Los Angeles to here in DC, I thought it might be a good time to track 24’s progress through our streets and see how we fare. This’ll be a live-blog tonight, and if it works well, we’ll bring it back next week.


Cellphone in the driver’s compartment? That’s a ticketing. Good thing he got plowed by a nearby truck. Continue reading