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Scribblings: Annie Jacobsen & the Notorious Area 51

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Tomorrow, secrets of Area 51 will be revealed.

Okay, not quite all. But more than you’d expect. The International Spy Museum is hosting a special (and free!) documentary screening and author discussion tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. in conjunction with the National Geographic Channel. Annie Jacobsen is a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Times Magazine and an investigative reporter whose work has also appeared in the National Review and the Dallas Morning News. Her two-part series “The Road to Area 51” in the Los Angeles Times Magazine broke online reader records and remained the “most popular/most emailed” story for ten consecutive days. Her findings resulted in both a new book, AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, and a companion National Geographic special, Area 51 Declassified.

Jacobsen has been busy prepping for her book tour, which kicks off at the Spy Museum, but managed to squeeze off a few answers to WeLoveDC regarding Area 51, its purpose, and what really went on at America’s most well known Top Secret facility.

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Thomas O’Brien at the Corcoran Tonight

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Tonight at 7 PM, interior designer Thomas O’Brien will be giving a talk at the Corcoran, discussing his new book American Modern (Abrams, 2010), a survey of seven of his most influential projects.  O’Brien is the founder and President of Aero Studios, one of America’s most influential design firms, and Aero, it’s home goods boutique in NYC.  Furthermore, he has created a line of home furnishings and bedding called “Vintage Modern” for Target, designed a fittings collection for Waterworks, and has been featured in numerous publications such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Architectural Digest.

I hope to see you there!

A book signing will follow the talk.

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Moby Signing “Gristle” at Busboys Tonight

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Moby (yes, that Moby) will be at Busboys and Poets at 2021 14th St. NW tonight from 6:30 – 8:30, discussing and signing the new book GRISTLE: From Factory Farms to Food Safety (Thinking Twice About The Meat We Eat).

Moby edited the book, which examines how industrial farming is affecting the way we live, along with Miyun Park, the executive director of the Global Animal Partnership.

The 15 contributors include vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike and range from John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, to Lauren Bush, model and co-founder of FEED Projects.

We Love DC readers can order the book for $2.99 off the cover price (total $11.96). Simply enter 58191GR in the promo code space.

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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

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I love reading Chelsea Handler‘s books – they never seem to disappoint. I frequently find myself being ‘that person’ who is laughing obnoxiously loud on the airplane, Metro, or any other public mode of transportation while reading them. Handler’s latest book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, which I read in about one day, is hilarious and truly might just be the perfect guilty pleasure for lounging around this Spring.

Chelsea Handler will be signing her book at the Borders on L Street this Saturday at 3:00 PM.

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Fairfax Going Rogue with Palin

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DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Now, open up your Outlook and Google calendars and add an all-day event for Saturday, December 5th. Simply title the event “My Dream Cometh True”. Now save. In other words, Sarah Palin is coming to Fairfax, Virginia in just a few short weeks! Are you ready to go rogue? You can do it…and save money. According to the above picture, the book “Going Rogue” can be had for up to 40% off.

But before you set aside your weekend to focus on Palin Palin Palin, make sure to determine if you are actually a real American from real America or not. Palin doesn’t like non-real Americans, and people from the DC area (and especially northern Virginia according to McCain’s brother) are very much not real Americans. But maybe by holding this out in Fairfax she feels she is on the border between real and fake America? I don’t have my real vs. fake map handy, but I’d have to say that Fairfax is mostly fake based on the definitions alluded to during the Presidential campaign. But if you do go, just make sure to act extra patriotic so she can’t tell where you are from. I suggest looking like someone who could kill a wolf with an assault rifle from a helicopter.

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