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Fairfax Going Rogue with Palin

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‘So Palin is 40% off already.’
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DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Now, open up your Outlook and Google calendars and add an all-day event for Saturday, December 5th. Simply title the event “My Dream Cometh True”. Now save. In other words, Sarah Palin is coming to Fairfax, Virginia in just a few short weeks! Are you ready to go rogue? You can do it…and save money. According to the above picture, the book “Going Rogue” can be had for up to 40% off.

But before you set aside your weekend to focus on Palin Palin Palin, make sure to determine if you are actually a real American from real America or not. Palin doesn’t like non-real Americans, and people from the DC area (and especially northern Virginia according to McCain’s brother) are very much not real Americans. But maybe by holding this out in Fairfax she feels she is on the border between real and fake America? I don’t have my real vs. fake map handy, but I’d have to say that Fairfax is mostly fake based on the definitions alluded to during the Presidential campaign. But if you do go, just make sure to act extra patriotic so she can’t tell where you are from. I suggest looking like someone who could kill a wolf with an assault rifle from a helicopter.

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