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Historical Facebook Statuses

Historical Facebook Update by Wylo

Although this incredibly entertaining “historical facebook update” is a joke, it definitely once again raises the question, are tweets and Facebook status updates going to one day be considered significant historical artifacts?

Although the Library of Congress is already preparing for this outcome, it remains to be seen whether or not 140 characters of thoughtfulness from the likes of Snoop Doggy Dogg will ever hold as much clout as its counterparts.

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“Jonathan Parker is robbing a house RIGHT NOW! LOL”

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‘Facebook poke’
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How dumb can you get? Really, really, REALLY dumb. Jonathan Parker, a PA resident, decided to rob stands accused of robbing a house outside of Martinsburg in Berkeley County, WV. But that’s not the dumb part. Ready for this? He checked his Facebook account on the victim’s computer and left it logged in! The Martinsburg Journal (sort of my home newspaper, unfortunately) reports. He apparently stole two diamond rings, in addition to some equipment from the garage. Because of his awesomeness, the police were able to nab him relatively easily.

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Hero of the Day: Jared Cohen


I’ve watched over the last six days how an election in Iran was wholesale hijacked, how the people revolted, how they circumvented their government’s heavy-handed filtering of the Internet, and how they used social media tools to keep right on going. So, I present to you, a guy who may well have saved lives and continued a nascent revolution. His name’s Jared Cohen, and he works for the State Department. No, he’s not a new hire, not a product of the Obama Revolution, he’s someone that Secretary Condi Rice hired in 2006 to look at the Middle East, how to talk about the Middle East youth movements, and how to engage with a part of the world that we have a hostile relationship with.

But Cohen’s achievement was picking up the phone over at Foggy Bottom and asking Twitter and NTT to postpone the maintenance window to a time when it wouldn’t have such a drastic consequence on the unfolding of history. Well done, Mr. Cohen. Well done.