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Q&A with Henry Rollins

courtesy of Henry Rollins.

At this point does Henry Rollins really require an introduction? Since the hardcore punk era Rollins has been a jack-of-all-trades entertainer and thought-provoker with his bands, books, acting gigs, radio shows, spoken word tours, stand-up comedy, and most recently two National Geographic television specials about ‘the warrior gene’ and about snakes! Rollins grew-up in DC and to celebrate his 50th birthday on Sunday (50th!? We’re getting old!) he is coming home to put on two sold out shows at National Geographic’s Grosvenor Auditorium. I recently caught up with the notoriously tight-lipped Rollins and wrestled a few answers out of him.

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Despite How it Feels, DC Not a Swamp

Photo courtesy of
‘little loudmouth’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

As we enter into a weekend that will be extremely hot and humid, I just figured I’d remind everyone that we busted the myth that DC is a swamp last year.  Yes, it’s really muggy and gross here this time of year, but we don’t have it that bad– we’re not even on the list of the 101 cities with the highest average humidity.  So when you hear the tourists complaining this weekend about our lovely city being built on a swamp, set them straight.  And tell them to schedule their next family vacation to the District in the spring or fall, when the weather in the city is absolutely perfect.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Drinkist by andertho

With the weather finally qualifying as “disgusting”, we could all use a drink couldn’t we?  Of course beer, chilled martinis, or Pimm’s always hit the spot, but with dangerous temperatures and heat indexes like we’ve had over the past few days, water is your best option to stay hydrated.  Hah!  I had you going there for a while didn’t I?  My recipe for cooling off is to head to my favorite neighborhood (air conditioned) bar and crack open a cool one, or you know, slurp down a swirly, tequila-flavored one as the case may be.

That’s not to say that this beautiful shot by andertho doesn’t make me want to drink gallons and gallons of pure H2O.  His choice of black and white is perfect here and I like the way the black and gray background splits the frame roughly into thirds.  Some effort and planning may have gone into this shot, but more than likely this sort of thing comes naturally for Mr. Anderson who has been shooting for years.  I can imagine the movement of the water as it splashes and spirals around on the bone dry stainless steel pan.  You want to take a drink but you can’t help but remember that countless little kids have slobbered all over the spout, only to be cleaned up by the night crew’s chemicals.

Wait, it is just me or does anyone else wish this was a beer fountain?

Petworth, The Daily Feed

Your Heat On Yet?

Taxi looking for warmth

Taxi looking for warmth

We here at the Wayan homestead are in a fight over the heat. As you can see, Taxi, like I is chilled by these 50 degree freezing(!) nights than only make it to 72 in the day. Yet my hot pregnant wife is refusing to heat the house.

While I have no hope of hot air, what’s the verdict in your home? Heat yet?

Or do you just snuggle with cold feet, determined to save a few pennies while embracing the fall chill?