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DCA Under Water, Baggage Claim Flooded

DCA Flooded

UPDATE 12/27: WTOP is reporting that all is back “normal” at DCA this morning. Apparently it took over 100 people working non-stop through the night to get the airport terminal back in working shape. Expect heavy wait times and potentially delays for US Air as they try to play catch up this morning.

UPDATE 6:36 pm: ALL US Airways flights out of DCA for today have been canceled. This is being reported from several people via Twitter. It is also being reported that most flights into DCA may be canceled or at least very delayed.

UPDATE 6:00 pm:At least part of DCA is now closed because of this flood. It is being caused by a water main break. There is an amazing video of this below that shows the water pouring down the outside of the baggage claim. Anyone flying into DCA can probably expect some type of delay, especially if flying into C terminal. I’m guessing that A terminal is not really affected by this right now.

I landed at Reagan National Airport just after 3pm today to find the lower level of the C and B terminals, the baggage claim and ground transportation level, quickly being closed off as water poured in from what sounded like multiple sources. At that time, the baggage claim level had a few inches of standing water and rising. There were also very large puddles rapidly forming on the main terminal level as well, just outside the security gate. At this time, we are not sure if the area has been re-opened or if the flood is under control, but either way, I would expect problems and delays if picking someone up at DCA that has checked baggage. Nobody was allowed to go downstairs and no bags were coming out on the belts around 3:20.

If you are at DCA, please let us know of any updates so that we can pass them along to our readers. More pictures and the video after the jump.

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Photo courtesy of
‘Falling Water’
courtesy of ‘photo_secessionist’

Perhaps you had enough of water over the weekend? If not, get thee to the DOME in Rosslyn at 7 p.m. tonight for a screening of Liquid Assets (see the trailer).

This third film in a green series sponsored by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment promises to share the true importance of systems of water, wastewater, and stormwater treatment that we often take for granted.

I understand — at first glance it sounds a bit dry, no pun intended, but it can be fascinating to find out how things work. How does that water get from the river to your faucet anyway?

This film talks about what goes on far below our feet — and how to keep that clean water flowing.

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Your water rates are going up

Photo courtesy of
‘Falling Water’
courtesy of ‘photo_secessionist (really under the weather)’

If you’re a DC resident you can expect to pay more for your water & sewer soon. Starting October 1 the rate charged for the consumption of 100 cubic feet of water will go up about 9%. Water use will go from $2.30 to $2.51 and sewer – which is billed based on water consumption – will go from $3.31 to $3.61, making the total cost for 100 cubic feet of water use $6.11.

The “impervious surface area charge,” which attempts to figure out how big a share of the storm runoff you should be responsible for, is making a jump of 77% from $1.24 to $2.20 per month per “equivalent residential unit.” You can find your ERU on your bill.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Drinkist by andertho

With the weather finally qualifying as “disgusting”, we could all use a drink couldn’t we?  Of course beer, chilled martinis, or Pimm’s always hit the spot, but with dangerous temperatures and heat indexes like we’ve had over the past few days, water is your best option to stay hydrated.  Hah!  I had you going there for a while didn’t I?  My recipe for cooling off is to head to my favorite neighborhood (air conditioned) bar and crack open a cool one, or you know, slurp down a swirly, tequila-flavored one as the case may be.

That’s not to say that this beautiful shot by andertho doesn’t make me want to drink gallons and gallons of pure H2O.  His choice of black and white is perfect here and I like the way the black and gray background splits the frame roughly into thirds.  Some effort and planning may have gone into this shot, but more than likely this sort of thing comes naturally for Mr. Anderson who has been shooting for years.  I can imagine the movement of the water as it splashes and spirals around on the bone dry stainless steel pan.  You want to take a drink but you can’t help but remember that countless little kids have slobbered all over the spout, only to be cleaned up by the night crew’s chemicals.

Wait, it is just me or does anyone else wish this was a beer fountain?

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We Love Food: Food & Wine Festival at National Harbor

Food and Wine Festival

Summertime is festival time, and I’m not complaining. After attending Savor a week ago, I had no idea what to expect going into The Food and Wine Festival at National Harbor. Would it be fancy? Would it be lame? Would they have enough food and wine to keep me happy? Actually, does anyone ever have enough food and wine to keep me happy? Is there enough food and wine in the world to keep me happy for life? Ah! So many existential questions, but I digress. Basically, Jasmine and I headed over to National Harbor with zero expectations, and wound up extremely happy, totally entertained, bellies satisfied, heads full of wine.

We took the water taxi over from Alexandria, quite nice. Pretty views of Alexandria and National Harbor, and I generally just love boats. Period. If you’re a regular reader, you already know that if there is an event or location near, on, or around water, I’ll like it. It’s a guarantee. So National Harbor already had that going for it, as the festival exhibitors lined the boat docks, so we were on water the entire time. Combine that with wine, and food, and I think you’ve got a total winner. Continue reading