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Proper Topper Sale: Consolidating Shops

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After close to a decade of business on P Street, the Proper Topper’s Georgetown shop will be closing its doors on October 31st. Fear not, the billowy blouses, floral dresses and chic hats will still be available at Proper’s Dupont shop. To lighten their consolidating shop load, the store is hosting a “Wrap-It-Up” sale starting this Saturday with discounts going up as the closing time approaches. Additionally, this Sunday the shop will host the (rescheduled) Proper Swapper, where attendees can swap clothes, eat treats and help raise funds for Martha’s Table.

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An entire bookstore is on sale

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It’s a sad thing to see a bookstore close. I walk by the still-empty shells of the Olsson’s locations in Penn Quarter and Dupont Circle and feel a twinge at the long afternoons spent browsing the shelves. And I’m sure someday I’ll sit down at a table in the new Clydes at 14th and F streets and think, “Hey, weren’t these walls covered with books once?” But hey, in the ever-chugging slog of commercial progress, life goes on. And Borders will close. C’est la vie.

As a parting gift to DC book lovers, the store began liquidating its inventory today, marking most books and CDs down 20 percent. That discount puts the store’s pricing now in line with online retailers like Amazon, which, let’s be frank, is why Borders has had such a tough time lately anyway. For a few brief shining days, though, there are deals to be had. Stock up for the beach or the holidays, or maybe finally grab that copy of “Gatsby” you always meant to read.

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Smallest House in DC for Rent

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Do you ever feel like your pad is just a bit too large? Maybe you’re the type that doesn’t really like a space of their own.  Well, you’re in luck because DC’s smallest (unofficially) house is currently on the market.  For just over $1000/mo, you can enjoy all that this Capitol Hill home’s 252 square feet has to offer. The house is comes complete with a kitchenette, bathroom and backyard that’s actually larger than the interior. Frankly, though, it looks a little silly in between the neighboring normal sized houses, but I suppose that’s part of the charm.  So, if you’re the type of person searching for a unique little (emphasis on little) home, DC has the answer.  Isn’t there a tiny house in Georgetown, too?  I wonder which is smaller.

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Sale: Big Deals on Duds for Active Gals

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It takes a lot to get me excited about a sale on clothes, and it’s happening this week. Mail-order seller Title Nine is bringing a blowout sale to Friendship Heights from Thursday through Sunday.

They have fun fitness and casual clothing; a little summer skirt I bought from them is my favorite and has been worth every penny. Some of their clothes have eco-friendly materials, and I like that they use everyday women to model for their catalog.

I’m happy because there’s a limit to what I’ll spend for workout wear, and this promises savings of up to 60%. While I don’t have any ties to the company, I am hoping to have a new pair of their winter running pants soon.

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Darnestown Annual Bazaar & Boutique

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Unfortunately, I will be out of town for this but the annual Darnestown church bazaar will be happening this Saturday from 8:30 to 3:30. They always have some cool stuff to buy and this is a great opportunity to pick up an affordable holiday gift for that special someone you don’t want to pay full price to make happy.

If you want a nice drive into the Forbidden Zone outside the Beltway, this is about the last weekend you will be able to see the fall colors, so go out to rural Maryland to this sale. All proceeds help support various charitable organizations.

Take I-270 to Route 28, go seven miles and find the church on the corner of 28 and Turkey Foot Road. You will be glad you made the trek.

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Ritz Camera closeouts start tomorrow

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I spent several years of my young life working in Uncle Chuck’s Camera Emporium Wolf Camera, so on my priority list going into a Ritz Camera ranks somewhere between… swapping hankerchiefs with SARS carriers and stabbing myself in the face.

However, Dealmac reveals that the closeout sales start tomorrow. They’re closing almost half their stores as part of their chapter 11 restructuring and apparently will be discounting items to get them off the shelves. Personally I’m not optimistic the deals will be that great or include many worthwhile things; I imagine that anything that can be moved will likely be shuffled out to more profitable stores – they still have about 400 that will continue to do business. However it should not be a repeat of the Circuit City nonsense where a 3rd party liquidator peddles things at list prices that are above what you’d pay anywhere – these sales are still through Ritz themselves as they try to reorg.

If you want to give it a shot I’ve culled all the closing stores from our surrounding area from the (annoyingly not-sorted-by-state list) PDF linked in the Dealmac article. It looks like all the ones in our area are closing, but check the list below the jump before you head out just to be sure. Continue reading