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Your Wizards Draft Cheat Sheet

In case you were too busy hating on Jim Riggleman or trying to figure out Ron Artest’s crazy new name, the NBA held their draft this past Thursday and the Washington Wizards added three new players to the team. Coming into last week’s draft, many regarded the draft class as pretty bland. There weren’t any future LeBrons or Walls in this year’s draft, in fact the most exciting moment of the draft was when Wizards’ first-round pick Jan Vesely made out with his hot girlfriend Eva Kodouskova after hearing his name called.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty hot. Jan hears his name, buttons up his suit, his girl rises into the frame, waits a moment, and goes in for the kill. Even Joe House approves (of the kiss at least.)

Anyways if you want more on the kiss just read Kyle Weide’s story and interview over at Truth About It. He’s a great Wizards blogger and struck gold with the story.

For everybody else, here’s the quick and dirty info on the draftees because most likely the last time you heard about the Wiz was when they got those new fangled uniforms.

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