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Go Appreciate Some Jazz This Month

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Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) starts today as a part of the Smithsonian Institutes’s effort to keep the art of Jazz alive and well here in its birth country.

JAM started in 2001 as an annual event that paying tribute to jazz both as a historic and living American art form. Since then, it has grown into a nationwide celebration in all 50 states plus a worldwide month of mention in 40 countries.

Events include master classes with professional Jazz musicians and composers, film screenings, jam sessions, concerts, and many more interactive activities.

Click here for a full list of the month’s events.

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The “Nuns Impact On History” Comes To The Smithsonian

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Ever wonder what nun’s do in their spare time? Wonder no more! The International Gallery at the Smithsonian opened a new exhibit on Friday featuring the stories of 12 Catholic sisters who arrived in New Orleans in 1727.

The exhibit demonstrates the overall impact of Catholic nuns had in the shaping of our nation’s culture and the evolution of social service over the past 300 years.

A wide-range of displays are featured, including: a letter from President Thomas Jefferson assuring the women that their work could continue following the Louisiana Purchase, the role of the sisters in treating soldiers on the front lines in the Civil War, the founding of the Mayo Clinic and other historically documented events.

“Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America,” is on a three-year tour and will be open to the public until April 25.

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Last Minute DC Gifts

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So like me you’ve waited until the last second and now you’ve got to hazard the crowded shops and DC streets to finish up your Christmas shopping. You’re fairly limited with online shopping opportunities, you have no time for brainstorming, and you’ve got a gazillion other things to do, so you’ve got to put your nose to the grind stone and pound these last little (or big) tidbits out. Lucky for you, and me, there are plenty of cool DC-related gifties out there waiting to be scooped up.

Many of us will be heading through Union Station today and the shops there offer some fantastic last minute gift pick up opportunities.  You can find historic memorabilia and inauguration items at America!’s Spirit, or small paintings, pottery and jewelry at Echo Gallery Mezzanine Kiosk, or perhaps Lids, where you can pick up a Redskins or Capitals branded baseball cap. There’s also a solid wine and spirits shop that can provide that much needed Jameson for eggnog or bottle of bubbly for Christmas morning drinkypoos.  These shops are a hurried travelers delight and are definitely worth checking out, if you’re still gift hunting or needing to fill up those stockings. Continue reading

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Why I Love DC: Rachel

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I love DC because I get to see my dad everyday. This might sound simple but I assure you it’s not. Dad passed away in January, just days before the historic inauguration of President Obama.

Streets were flooded with tourists while I was attempting to flee the city I’ve grown to love for dear life. But  if it weren’t for my dad, I would’ve never made it to DC in the first place. Continue reading