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Stephen Strasburg Goes Back To The 15-Day Disabled List

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Strasburg is currently experiencing pain in his forearm and flexor muscle, which differs from the shoulder inflamation he experienced earlier this season. Rizzo assures that these types of issues previously arose during Strasburg’s career at San Diego State.

The first time around, Strasburg had a dry MRI which showed some red lights that have the Nats paying attention. The Nats have decided to have Strasburg go in for a second MRI called an Arthogram to find out what the problem is and get the full story on his arm.

Strasburg showed up to the park today wanting to throw the ball around but the Nats choose to err on the side of safety and had him sit this one out.

“I think he’s anxious to find out what’s going on,” Rizzo said. “He felt good today. His elbow felt good. He’s anxious. He wants a resolution to find out what’s going on. [He’s] a little anxious, a little emotional, that would be fair to say.

Rizzo expects results within a 24 hour time frame after the MRI takes place. In the mean time, RHP Jordan Zimmermann will make his 2010 debut with the Nationals in Washinton on Thursday against the St. Louis Cardinals.

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What Bryce Harper Means For The Nats Fanbase

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The Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell raised a pretty good point this morning. “Baseball fans can win two ways,” he wrote. “Their team can be great. Or a player can be so sublime that his performance, year after year, almost every day for six months at a time, gives so much accumulated pleasure that his individual art actually rivals victory.”

Bryce Harper signing with the Washington Nationals is just one of a few ways Nationals fans will find victory while cheering for a team who has yet to contend in post-season play.

“Just five years after getting a team back after a 33-year absence, Washington fans are getting a reward that, while perhaps not as cherished as a World Series, ranks enormously high,” Boswell wrote.

What’s the reward? A team that went from hopeless, having lost over 200 games in two seasons, to a team full of hope. Continue reading

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On the bats of Zimmerman and Willingham, Nats pick up series win

Ryan Zimmerman crushes HR #23
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Not everything was at it seemed to be at the Nationals game this afternoon.  What was expected to be a fairly full house to watch Stephen Strasburg, was a half-full park of enthusiastic fans.  What was expected to be a show of dominance by Strasburg, was an effective, but not errorless, five inning outing by Strasburg.  Four protestors ran onto the field in the bottom of the fifth to protest the decision to hold the All Star Game in Arizona next year, and were eventually lead off the field.

But, in the end, it was a win.  Not a pretty win, by any stretch of the imagination, but home runs from Josh Willingham and Ryan Zimmerman lead the Nationals to a 5-3 win and a 2-1 series win over the Diamondbacks this afternoon at Nationals Park.  Stephen Strasburg would put in five innings of work, with 85 pitches thrown, and seven strikeouts, all swinging.  He was having some command issues, though, and after getting ahead in the count, he would sometimes struggle to finish the job.  That’s part of his learning process, and something he’ll need to master. Continue reading

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Rookie Phenoms Strasburg and Heyward Face-Off

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The National League East has been a hot-bed of competition in 2010. The Mets resurrected themselves from dismal play due to injury in recent seasons past, the Marlins can boast what with Josh Johnson on the hump, the Phillies are one of the best all-around playing teams in the big leagues, the Braves are doing their best to extend legendary Manager Bobby Cox’s final season in the game to October, and then there’s the Nationals who are the only team currently under .500 in the standings at .424 and 15.5 games back.

Tonight’s match-up of the first place Braves and the last place Nationals has the potential to be a jaw-dropping site of a show. The elusive and long-awaited face-off of phenom rookies is scheduled to finally take place (pending any last minute changes or injury). Stephen Strasburg meet Jason Heyward. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Stephen Strasburg, I Ate A Burger For Ya!

We Love DC would like to wish Stephen Strasburg a happy birthday today. The Nationals phenom pitcher and San Diego native turns 22. Today he’s probably spending the day preparing for his start against the Cincinnati Reds tomorrow but I think he should relax, have some fun, and perhaps celebrate the way I did- by eating one of the many burgers in his namesake.

After a whole adventure on Twitter my fellow co-worker Laura Murphy and I got BGR: The Burger Joint to bring back their Strasburger: a cheeseburger topped with a hot-dog, cheese, and 14 pickles. Today we achieved the lifelong dream of eating the Strasburger and as Laura tweeted: it’s was exactly what a 2.03 ERA tastes like.

So Happy Birthday Stephen, may your future starts be victorious, strikeouts come a-plenty, and Strasbugers taste delicious.

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Nats Fall to Royals, 1-0

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Looking for the sweep today, the Nationals brought out their ace, Stephen Strasburg, to cement a winning streak and build some momentum, going into the weekend series against Baltimore.  Sadly, the team’s offense couldn’t deliver, in a game fraught with mistakes and misplays, in some cases over-sliding bases, and in others sliding too early, and they fell without scoring, 1-0.

Continue reading

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The True Meaning of Strasmas

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Tonight is the Third Night of Strasmas, as he starts against the Chicago White Sox at Nats Park at 7:05pm. The flashbulbs with all go off again, the crowd will once again chant for strikeouts, and DC will be a baseball town, as it will be all summer, for one game out of each five.

The Nationals are in for a crucial stretch of games, nine against interleague teams with records worse than their own 31-36, and then a patch of 13 against division foes that are a significant hurdle for our boys in red. Their first 67 games have not gone as planned, but the team is still wins ahead over last year’s abysmal 59-102. So, what do the Nationals have to do to make every day into Strasmas? Continue reading

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DC Sports Fans Rejoice: Strasburg is Real

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Joe Posnanski of SI wrote in his column yesterday that today was a lot like Christmas morning, in that the hopes and aspirations of the franchise lay in the wrapped present of Stephen Strasburg.  He also wrote that “you never really hear them talk about Christmas AFTERNOON, when the presents are out of their boxes and wrapping paper is scattered on the living room floor.”

For many other debuts, I’d say he’s right. For Stephen Strasburg’s debut, though, the reality of the present is absolutely matching its expectations. The Nationals tonight delivered Christmas afternoon before the capacity crowd, which at times was so loud as to be deafening, and whose enthusiasm I have seen just once at Nationals Park. That game? The first victory at Nationals Park in April of 2008. Continue reading

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Stephen Strasburg Moving A Little Closer to Majors

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Do not adjust your MLB standings, they are reading correctly: the Washington Nationals, over .500, are just a game back of the New York Mets (and 1/2 game behind the Phils) in the National League East. And it’s not April anymore. Up in the majors, the Nats will get their rubber match in the weekend series with Florida later this afternoon, but there’s some equally exciting news down on the farm.

Bill Ladson of is reporting that, after this afternoon’s start in Potomac Harrisburg [my bad], #1 prospect/phenom/“Jesus” Stephen Strasburg will be promoted to the Nationals’ Triple-A club in Syracuse. Strasburg’s numbers in Double-A were very impressive, as the young pitcher let just one run cross the plate in 17+ innings of work while striking out 23. While most believed that Strasburg would make his way to the Show sometime in his first season, it may very well be coming soon. One writer’s opinion? An interleague start against the young bats of Baltimore come late June. While, luckily, I don’t the make decisions for the team, I think we can all be optimistic that Stephen will be taking the Navy Yard mound someday soon.

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Strasburg Finds Success In First Outing

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If you couldn’t find yourself an AM radio or don’t follow any baseball writers on Twitter, allow me to re-cap young Strasburg’s first outing:

Total Pitch Count – 25

Total Strikes – 15

Total Hits – 2

Total K’s – 2

Plus — his first career strikeout was against Miguel Cabrera with a 98 MPH fastball on a full-count.

Way to go, kid. Now let’s see if your teammates can back you up with some run support after your first two innings.

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Strasburg’s First Start Couldn’t Be Coming At A Better Time

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Stephen Strasburg’s first start with the Nationals is being welcomed during a desperate time.

Here’s the set-up: In 6 games, the Nats have been outscored 67-30 and haven’t won a single game so far. Granted, this is Spring Training. The games don’t matter. What DOES matter is prepping for the regular season. The hopeful pitching staff isn’t showing much in the prep department as of yet. They have given up 91 hits, 28 walks and 12 home runs in 50 innings.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the real killer is – 17 pitchers have an ERA of 9.00 or higher – with a team ERA of 10.98.

Here’s to hoping that the six previous losing were just the Nats “taking a few for the team” while waiting for Strasburg to take the mound. But – if that’s the case – there’s no excuse for such poor performances.

“You don’t like to see your guys get knocked around,” Riggleman told Nationals Journal writer Adam Kilgore. “You hate to see your guys giving up runs. We’re trying to win the ball game. Nobody’s trying to give up hits. Nobody is satisfied that we’re not winning ball games […] It’s just part of what we got to go through to get through these first couple of weeks of spring training. Our guys are just taking it on the chin a little bit.”

Tune-in to WFED 1500 AM at around 12:30 for the 1 pm Strasburg debut. Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler will be announcing the play-by-play.

Update 9:56 am — (Via Adam Kilgore’s Twitter) “The #Nationals will make cuts earlier next week, and it will consist mostly of pitchers.” Good thinking.

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Strasburg Scheduled To Start March 9th

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It looks like Jesus will be taking the mound pretty soon. It’s been put in ink, so it must be true — Stephen Strasburg will be making his first start with the Nationals at Spring Training on March 9 against the Detroit Tigers.

At this point, he’s expected to pitch a couple innings.

“This will be my first chance to see him face hitters. Everybody is really excited,” Nationals pitching coach Steve McCatty told “We’ll see how it goes. Who knows what’s going to happen after that. We are just going to go and see how it’s going to works out. We are going to have a rain day every once in a while, so everything is always done in pencil.”