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Featured Photo

DC has some great street murals. From U Street, to Adams Morgan, to H Street, and parts elsewhere, DC has quite a respectable display of interesting and fun public art. And they make for some great photos.

Evegophotos’ shot above is a great example of what a photographer can get while incorporating a mural. The swirling colors converging on the artist helps the viewer’s eye explore the entire picture. Also, you don’t get a sense of the scale of the art until you notice the artist…standing on a ladder and he’s still only half way up the mural! Throw in the great colors and this is quite the photo. Nicely done.

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Love (of Art) Conquers All (Weather)

It wouldn’t be street art if it didn’t stand up to the elements, and even today’s (ongoing) icy rain couldn’t shut down Albus Cavus’ Monster Mash Halloween paint party at Garfield Park. The nonprofit art organization, which offers workshops and after school programs and curates a series of what they call “open walls” for graffiti artists, welcomed local artists, performers, skaters and the public at large to an all-day community “expression” jam: skateboarders rode the hand-made ramps of the skate park, members of Urban Artistry got a dance cipher going and, of course, everyone from little kids to pro taggers repainted the open wall spaces tucked beneath Southeast Freeway.

Fueled by frequent stops to the community fire pit (and candy bowl), and swapping spray paints and ideas with fellow painters, the graff artists produced some seriously stunning—and seriously different—stuff, themed for Halloween.  Continue reading

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From Street to Snow

Mural Jam 17 by maxedaperture

Kelly Towles, one of my favorite local street artists, set out a few days ago to turn our white winter wonderland into a colorful, creepy scene from a Tim Burton movie.  You’ve no doubt seen his unmistakable work around town.  From murals to storefronts to gallery shows, there are some crazy creatures whirling around in that imagination of his.  Click over to Brightest Young Things to see his marvelously creepy snow ghouls, and if you see any of them around town be sure to add them to the WLDC Flickr pool!

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Blue Angel by M.V. Jantzen

I love Peeps.  The delicious tiny birds and bunnies come in a variety of pastel colors, have emotionless expressions on their cute, little squishy faces, and have become an integral part of our Easter celebrations.  Hell, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, it’s still fun to stuff these fluffy blobs of sugar in your face, chewing on their boneless, chemical-laden bodies. They’re completely harmless unless you’re a diabetic or are trying to watch your weight…or until they decide to kill you.  Sometimes it’s those that you least suspect who can cause the most amount of harm, and in this case it appears to be a giant blue Peep.  Revenge is sweet.

In all seriousness, the Peeps that you have no doubt noticed invading our city are the work of local street artist, DIABETIK.  These wheat pastings started cropping up during the winter and have been multiplying like, um, rabbits.  Along with the bitten Peeps you may have noticed other distressed treats such as broken gingerbread men and melted ice cream cones.  I wonder what’s next for DIABETIK?  Cupcakes that have been stepped on?  Jolly Ranchers covered in ants?  No matter what crops up, be on the lookout for mistreated treats looking for revenge, for you may be their next victim.

We Love Arts

We Love Arts: Edgewood Mural Jam

Photos by Max Cook

As luck would have it I didn’t end up going to the beach this weekend after all, so I decided to scooter over to Edgewood with my camera to check out Saturday’s Mural Jam and I’m sure glad I did.  What is easily the summer’s biggest public art event in DC, the collaborative mural stretches hundreds of feet and showcases some amazingly talented artists.  Sponsored by the public art non-profit Albus Cavus, the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, and the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program, the mural has brought people of the community together while giving the participating kids a great exercise in team building and a fun way to spend the summer.  From the DCCAH August newsletter:

This summer, through the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program, a team of energized youth have been working once a week to create a 300-foot long mural in DC’s Edgewood neighborhood. Under the direction of Albus Cavus, a DC nonprofit organization, these youth have learned how to finance a public art project, talk to the media, and create art that both reflects the neighborhood and develops strong, healthy communities.

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