Comedy In DC: The Election is Over; Now What Do We Laugh At?

 Stephen Colbert at the National Portrait Gallery, by Mr. T in DC

Stephen Colbert at the National Portrait Gallery, by Mr. T in DC

It’s not just the We Love DC bloggers who are nursing their election hangovers, it’s local comics, too. The calendar is a little thin here in early November for booked shows. Nonetheless, there are several ways to get your local comedy on at the DC Improv Lounge this week:

On Thursday, the Improv’s regular Improvisational Open Mic night starts “promptly at 8:05,” and is free to attend. It’s open to groups AND solo performers, who must be there to sign up between 7 and 7:30. The show will be a mix of group improv performances and solo performers randomly organized into improv games. Sounds like a good way to sharpen your improv skills.

On Friday, there’s another installment of Homegrown Comedy. This one will feature Kojo Mante, Mike Eltringham, Matt Sapsford, Keith Irvin, Lisa Fine, Tim Miller, and Brian Parise and be hosted by Mike Way, all very funny people. Tickets are $10.

On Saturday, there’s a show called “Law(yers) Can Be Funny, Too!”  It features a bunch of lawyers I’ve never heard of doing comedy, so I have no idea if they’ll be any good. But if legal humor is your thing, $10 is a cheap way to find out.

And of course, now that we know who the next president is going to be, comics all over the city are going to be writing new political material, now that the gift from the comedy gods known as Sarah Palin will be heading back to Alaska. So don’t forget to check out your local open mics.

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