Murky Assets to Be Auctioned by the Tax Man?

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Twitter user @bamelzer informs us that badged Arlington County tax auditors just walked into Murky Coffee in Arlington and posted notice of auction of assets on the window for April 2, 2009. Murky has had its share of controversy, and this would be the second location that would fall to less-than-attentive management of tax obligations.  I wonder what the auction value will be of Murky’s famed dickpunches?

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6 thoughts on “Murky Assets to Be Auctioned by the Tax Man?

  1. Murky Coffee is apparently telling everyone it’s a scare tactic, and that they’re staying open.

    Yes, as in… you better be afraid that we’re going to auction your stuff off if you don’t pay your taxes. Should be interesting to see if things actually do get auctioned off or if the taxes get paid.

  2. The last time this happened, Gary Sabean from the County Treasurer’s Office indicated Murky had complied with the request. I’ve emailed Mr. Sabean for clarification.

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