Rush Hour Relief?

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Tired of jammed cars on the Red and Green lines? Well, Metro’s news that slipped out yesterday may relieve that somewhat. Beginning next week, Metro’s adding additional cars to Red and Green line trains during the always-fun weekday rush hour.

Metro has indicated that roughly twenty cars are being added to the entire fleet. This will boost half of the Red and Green rush hour runs to the maximum eight-car trains (the maximum length Metro can run due to station size), with the rest of the additional cars used to fill in gaps due to malfunctions or other problems.

The additional cars will boost Metro to 850 cars in service during weekday rush, the first in the service’s history. Will it help with the crush? It’s a matter of perspective, so you readers keep us informed, okay?

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6 thoughts on “Rush Hour Relief?

  1. Where’s the love for the Orange Line?! It’s bursting at the seams but gets passed over here.

  2. Well, they did start putting in eight-car trains on the Orange line first, back in…2006, I think. Considering the crush I’ve personally been squeezed in on the Red line, it’s about time they did the core.

    One thing I do note periodically – since I tend to ride the first or last car of any given train – is that most people don’t spread along the platform to board, resulting in emptier front and rear cars. Usually this is during tourist season though, which means it’s the visitors who don’t get it, and not us savvy local riders.

    I feel your pain, though, nashpaul. Eventually, WMATA plans on having 8 cars as a standard for all rush hour lines but to do that, they need more cars. And with a budget shortfall for the foreseeable future, I can’t see new cars being purchased any time soon.

  3. I’m an orange, blue and red line rider, and let me tell you, i notice on the orange when it is not an 8 car train. and the red line really needs more cars in the morning, so I’m much appreciative.

    i still want express trains on the orange line, but everyone keeps telling me how un-feasible it is.

  4. but everyone keeps telling me how un-feasible it is

    Yeah, stupid tunnel under the Potomac. Denying us express trains so we can be more like NYC… ;)

  5. Ben, you’re right about the value of spreading out. But this is part of the challenge posed by all trains stopping at the front of the platform, since the last car is often overly crowded. And it’s an extra inconvenience who switch trains since the walk from the first car to the next platform can be quite long. AND you get stuck behind tourists blocking the escalator.

  6. Oh, I never said commuting via Metro was easy. :)

    I personally would love to see WMATA develop teleportation portals, myself – but can you imagine what shape you’d be in if they serviced those like they do the Foggy Bottom escalators?!

    *visions of Spaceballs flash through the mind*