Comedy in DC: Go See Some

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There are a couple of fun things happening in comedy this week.

Jimmy Meritt will be opening for Jeff Caldwell at the Improv tonight through Sunday. It’s good to have a chance to catch him on the mainstage of the Improv. 

Which, unfortunately, means that unless he has staggering powers of Metro/traffic karma (you never know), he’ll probably miss performing with the Geek Comedy Tour on Saturday the 23rd at Alliance Comics in Silver Spring. Which is okay, I mean, the Tour is up to what, 7 6 geeks now? 8? (And not a chick among them…) They can spare one for a night. Anyway, the show is in the basement of Alliance, it starts at 7PM, and it’s $2. So if there are 6 geeks performing, that still works out to a mere 33 cents per geek comic. So it’s very economical.

Comedian-of-local-origin Rob Cantrell will be at the Arlington Drafthouse this Saturday and Sunday as well. You may remember him from his confusing semicolon joke on the first season of “Last Comic Standing” (no wonder the audience voted for Ralphie May), but if he’s lucky, you actually remember him from when he compared a lap dance to rubbing a piece of plastic fruit on the face of a starving man.

Finally, one that you need to plan ahead for- Russell Peters is appearing at the DC Improv June 3-7. I was going to go, but when I wasn’t looking, his Thursday-Sunday shows all sold out and they had to add the one on Wednesday the 3rd. I can’t make it, but you really should.

UPDATE: Chief Geek of the GCT Chris Barylick called me (on the phone! how retro!) to share the news that there will indeed be a female comic on Saturday’s lineup- Aparna Nancherla, Official Comedian of the WLDC Commentariat, will be doing a guest set, and there are some other fun guest spots in the works as well. So it looks like you will be getting even more comedy for your $2 than I originally calculated, even without Jimmy Meritt and the other geek who recently left the tour.

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One thought on “Comedy in DC: Go See Some

  1. Well then, a few minutes after your post and the wed show is also sold out! pitty!