We Love Weekends: October 10-11

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Despite the still-warm temperatures, the leaves are changing and it seems that fall is actually here. Which means that our weekend plans involve a lot less hanging out poolside with tasty beverages and a lot more cozying up in warm places with tasty beverages. What can we say? We’re creatures of the seasons.

Kirk: This weekend features one of the highlights of the year for me: the Purcellville Tag Sale.  This town wide yard sale features an awesome selection of antiques, books, oddities and assorted junk. I’m getting there early (like 7:30am) to make sure I can get my hands on the best of the selection.  Other than that, I’ll probably go to a HR-57 on Friday for some sweet, sweet jazz and possibly to Magnolias at the Mill on Saturday for some sweet, sweet beer (seeing as I’ll be in Purcellville, anyways).  All that aside, my main goal this weekend is not to be pulled over by the huge, and overly zealous Loudoun County PD.

Jasmine: I’m super excited about the Solar Decathlon houses being open to the public this weekend. If you haven’t been, it’s a little village of solar-powered houses designed and built by college students on the National Mall. They can be really creative and showcase some awesome technology, but it’s only through Monday so you have to get down there this weekend. Other than that, I’m thinking of taking advantage of the long weekend with one of the guilt-free getaways in Virginia. Loudon County? Shenandoah Valley? Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and point, they all sound just lovely.

Shannon: Just like Donna last week, I am about to run a half marathon for which I haven’t really trained.  But Donna set a personal record last weekend in hers, so I’m hoping that I can run similarly at this weekend’s Baltimore Running Festival on Saturday.  After that, I’ll be heading to Alexandria for Rustico’s Oktoberfest to enjoy live music, beer, and food.  If I’m able to walk on Sunday, I plan on heading down to the Mall to check out the Solar Decathlon houses.  The lines for tours can grow long, but I’d recommend waiting it out– it’s really amazing to see how much innovation and thought goes into every aspect of these houses.

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Corinne: Though I’m skipping town yet again, there are many tempting reasons to stick around DC this weekend. I would’ve liked to appease my inner wannabe hippie at  the Green Festival at the Convention Center, where they promise organic beer and “delicious cuisine,”  live music and yoga classes. I would’ve also flipped a coin to check out one of the following concerts Friday evening: Junior League Band at Iota, Yonder Mountain String Band at 9:30 Club or the Dodos at Rock and Roll Hotel. But alas, I’m heading north of District lines, at least till Monday morning…when some of us will be rolling into work.

Katie: For some odd reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about my We Love DC New Year’s Resolutions from January. Maybe it’s because I can feel summer slipping away, and we’re headed into the busy season. But whatever the reason, I’ve completed 4 out of my 7 resolutions right now, which means I need to get busy! Still left are attending a Fotoweek show, going to a free show on the Millennium State at the Kennedy Center, and ponying up to dine at Citronelle or City Zen. I bet I can take care of at least one of those this weekend. (Not so much on the Fotoweek, though.) So that will be my goal. Wish me luck?

Carl: I will be staying around the homestead this weekend. I need to change the oil in my car and make a few minor repairs to it. I also need to cut the grass, so I am hoping for clear weather. In my spare time when I am not walking to and from the parts store for whatever it is I forgot but remembered only after the car was torn apart, I will be making homemade wine and hosting a gin-tasting party to which I have invited only myself. One last summer drink for the road, before winter weather sets in.

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Paulo: Soprano Alessandra Marc will be performing a free recital at my church this Sunday at 4PM, the same day we welcome a new pastoral candidate, so this will be a fairly busy weekend for me as a
Baptist. At the same time we’re still unpacking from our recent move out to NoVA and I haven’t even had a chance to check out the H-Mart down the road from us, so at least an hour out of this weekend will be spent on a quest for bao and nam pla.

Rebecca: While the packing and couch searching still continues from the move, this weekend I feel a little more empowered to leave the house in semi-shambles.  Friday night’s weather is looking pretty good, so best to spend the remaining “warm” nights outside with friends.  Don has turned me on to a new drinking game, Baseball: The Drinking Game (real innovative title,) so I’ll be giving that a whirl.  As always, drink responsibly. Saturday, I’m heading up to Charm City for dinner with the parental units and some pints at Max’s Taphouse in Fells Point, which offers a ridiculously long beer list. In NFL action on Sunday, my NY Giants are taking on the Oakland Raiders at 1pm, after which I’ll be scouring local yard sales for apartment fixings.

Cathy: While I’m out of town AGAIN this weekend (I just want to hang out and enjoy the fall in DC, seriously…), if I were here, I would be spending my Saturday afternoon at Rustico in Alexandria for the Octobeer fest. (Yes, I would jump from Octoberfest to Octoberfest all month long if I could!) Why Rustico’s? It’s free to get in, and it’s across the street from Buzz! Oh, and you can win a Harley? Yeah, not sure I’ll be signing up for that, but hey, maybe after a few pumpkin ales… On Sunday, I would want to go see the city’s (and formerly the world’s) biggest chair in Anacostia and stroll down to the Anacostia waterfront park to watch some soccer games before the weather gets too chilly.

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Karl: While everyone complains about summer going away, I’m pretty sure I see the number “83” on the forecast for tomorrow. As in 83 degrees for a high temperature. Perfect for my next Arlington softball game in Crystal City tomorrow night, which will most likely be followed by exploring a few bars in an area I hardly ever go to. And continuing with the September/October birthday craziness, there are two more birthday parties to attend this weekend. One of them may or may not include Rocket Bar Saturday night.
Sunday I’m planning to show support for friends of mine by heading into DC for the National Equality March. You KNOW there will be something exciting going on before, during and after the massive march. Then it’s football time as the Redskins lay the smack down on Carolina – just like they have on every other awesome opponent this year! And birthday party number two comes as a football watching party in Dupont. W00t for birthdays! Enjoy your fall weekend…I know I will.

Don: If you see me in the theater for Zombieland Friday feel free to say hi (BEFORE the movie starts of course, SHH!) and I’m looking forward to Saturday night’s masquerade party doubling as a friend’s housewarming party. I have no idea where to get a mask to go with my tux, though. Suggestions? Before that I’m going to catch up with an old friend for lunch, perhaps taking the chance to enjoy the Black Rooster Pub before it goes away. Sunday I’m going to take some pictures and lend my support at the National Equality March at noon, because I think everyone deserves equal opportunity to lose half their stuff in an ugly court battle.

Tiff: Friday night, friend-of-WLDC and benevolent alien from the planet Taste dj lil’e will be spinning a special edition of her Right Round UP dance party on the main stage at the Black Cat in support of the National Equality March happening this weekend. Saturday will be spent soaking in some farm time in the closing weeks of our CSA- it’s pumpkin season and I am determined not to let the neighborhood squirrels destroy our pumpkin before we can even carve it.

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