We Love Weekends: October 24-25

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I have been waiting to use this photo in an entry since the day it showed up in the Flickr pool, guys.  It’s nearly time for another weekend. Here’s what we’re up to- let us know what you’re doing in the comments.

Carl: I am going to take my lovely wife to the Philadelphia Art Museum on Saturday and will return on Sunday afternoon but if I were staying in town I would be putting together the best Halloween costume ever, which is made from traffic cones removed from their bases, slit up the side and stitched together. You’d have to see it. It’s wicked awesome. Also, this weekend I will continue my fundraising work for cancer research at the Children’s National Medical Center. Yes, since you asked, part of this includes shaving my head. It’s going to be completely bald-a-riffic.

Tom: This weekend, I have friends coming from pretty much all over the country to help celebrate our friends Jason and Bethany’s wedding.  Friday night we’ll be celebrating at Rosemary’s Thyme in Dupont and then Saturday we’re off to Nixon’s Farm for the actual event.  I’m excited to go see the fall colors out in West Friendship, and to watch as two friends I care deeply about tie the knot.  Sunday will be spent in pursuit of great brunch, very possibly at the Boulevard Woodgrill, or if it’s too busy, perhaps Overwood in Alexandria.  I need me some French Toast this weekend!

Shannon: This weekend is also a wedding weekend for me.  Two of my good friends are tying the knot in Dupont Circle, so I can’t wait to celebrate with them in the first DC wedding I’ve attended.  Here’s hoping the rain holds out so they get some great pictures around the city!  Aside from that, I’m going to check out the long-awaited Birch & Barley/Churckey in my neighborhood– by all appearances, they’re finally open!  On Sunday, I hope to head out to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for the end of Chivalry Weekend and “food, fun, fine crafts, and frivolity.”

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Rebecca: This weekend is jammed packed with a wide range of activities. Friday, I’ll check out the DC Latin American Showcasespecifically the film “Lo que sono Sebastian” (What Sebastian Dreamt) a film about a Spanish writer living in the Guatemalan countryside. If you can’t make the showcase Friday, definitely check out Saturday’s “El Hijo de la Novia” (Son of the Bride) a sentimental but comical Argentian film starring Ricardo Darin. If you’re up Sunday morning, I suggest checking out the Marine Corps Marathon runners/marines and cheering them on. I’ll be participating in the Marine Corps new routed 10K. Hope I’ll have some energy left over.

Corinne: Weekend possibilities: Music—a “DC Banjo Insanity Collective” Saturday night at H Street’s SOVA, dance—Egyptian folkloric at Friendship Heights’s Joy of Motion Dance Studios, laughs—The Bentzen Ball Comedy Fest all weekend and/or good eats—I still need to check out brunch at Tabard Inn. As for what will actually pan out, your guess is as good as mine (NYC is also on the list). But isn’t half the fun not knowing where the weekend might lead?

Katie: October has been a flurry of activity for me, so I’m hoping to bunker down this weekend, and reconnect with this here city. The leaves are finally changing, so I’m hoping to take a stroll through Waterfront Park in Old Town Alexandria, which is the closest I can get to New England-ish sites around here. Saturday night, I’ll head to FASHION ART COCKTAILS which takes place at Gallery Neptune in Bethesda. I’ll sip a few martinis while browsing Virginia artist Joyce Zipperer’s latest collection of high heeled shoe sculptures in metal along with the knitted mixed media work of Washington, DC artist RaniaHassan. Sunday will be left to eke out the last of the veggies at my favorite Farmers Market and fashion up an excellent halloween costume for myself.

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Jasmine: Friday night, I think I’m going to head over to DC9 for their Liberation Dance Party, which is always a hipster-ific good time. I hear the weather on Saturday is supposed to be pretty crappy, so I might try to see Where the Wild Things Are and/or get some friends together  for Lucky Strike bowling in Chinatown. And I know others have already mentioned it, but the Bentzen Ball Comedy Fest really does seem to be a must-see, and who couldn’t use a good chuckle these days?

Tiff: I’ll also be at the wedding Tom mentioned this weekend, but if I weren’t, I would (unsurprisingly) be watching comedy, since it will practically be flowing through the streets like a heavy rain- in the gutter. In addition to the Bentzen Ball Comedy Fest, there’s the Funniest Fed, and Jake Young will be featuring at a couple of shows at the Drafthouse this weekend. I understand he’s about to move to New York, so it’s time to catch him here in the area while you still can.

Jenn: Since my outing to the Maryland Renaissance Festival got freezing-rained-out last weekend, I’m heading there Saturday come hell or high water. I don’t care, I want my oysters and mead! Sunday I’ll recoup over some pizza at the new Seventh Hill at Eastern Market. And there’s all sorts of crazy bellydance going on this weekend, with the BellyHorror performances and workshops starting tonight. Check out the schedule and get your shimmy goth style.

Tiffany Baxendell Bridge is an Internet enthusiast and an incurable smartass. When not heckling the neighborhood political scene on Twitter, she can be found goofing off with her ukulele, Bollywood dancing, or obsessing about cult TV. She is That Woman With the Baby In the Bar.

Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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