We Love Weekends, October 31-November 1

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Jenn: One thing’s for sure – whatever I end up doing for Halloween will be a last-minute choice. It’s crept up on my like a mummy’s cold dead fingers and caught me unawares. Ok, maybe not, maybe I’m just lazy this year. Will I relive my undead goth years at Spooky’s crazy dance party at Town Thursday night? Will I go twisted Bollywood-style at Black Cat’s Bhangraween Saturday? Will I scare myself silly at Little Miss Whiskey’s Night of the Living Dead Friday? Or maybe join the bloodsuckers at Synetic’s Vampire Ball? Or… or… or… are too many choices making me go as mad as Dr. Frankenstein?

Ben: Friday’s our usual celebration of all things hockey, not the least of which is the visiting Islanders versus the Capitals at 7 p.m.  Not a big Halloween celebrator here; during the day we’ll be roaming Potomac Mills down in Woodbridge while at night we’ll be ignoring the door in favor of Penguins hockey. Sunday’s our designated “photography” day, so we’ll be heading down to Prince William Forest Park to catch the last vestiges of brilliant fall foliage and probably do some hiking, if the rain lets up.

Carl: On Saturday morning I have a meeting to attend and in the afternoon I will be getting ready for the kids to stop by to drain me of my belved Halloween candy. We get lots of kids and I have exhausted my candy budget so I might have to make up the tail end with hot dogs or cheap cigars. Later in the evening, my Lovely Wife and I are going to hear Funksway out in Fairfax or Reston or somewhere in the Forbidden Zone outside the beltway. Meanwhile, my push to raise money for cancer research continues. Feel free to donate. If I get to $700 I will shave my head. No joke. You can come and watch.

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Emily: This weekend is all about drinking beer, eating sweets, and playing the tuba. Friday night, I’m having a pizza party in Northeast D.C. at WLDC alumna Acacia O’Connor’s old rowhouse. Saturday, at Solly’s U St. Tavern at the corner of 11th and U Sts, NW, my band Milkmachine (www.milkmachine.org) will be playing two ghoulish sets, and we have lots of tricks and treats in store. Here’s the skinny: Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm, and we’ll rock out until 10pm. No charge, and I’m making these ridiculously cute Halloween cookies for our dedicated fans.

Paulo: This Saturday looks like the perfect time to go on a Fall-color-viewing hike around Theodore Roosevelt Island. Fall exhibitions are also open at the National Gallery, including selected works from the Meyerhoff Collection, working proofs from the print work of Jasper Johns, French Drawings, and Arts of Privacy. If you go do all that on a Sunday (as I may), why not cap it off with a free classical concert at 6:30PM in the West Garden Court of the West Building? This Sunday will feature pianist Till Fellner with Beethoven Sonatas.

Rebecca: Not only is it Halloween weekend, but it’s also my birthday weekend! Whoopee! Friday I’ll be hitting up Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse for dinner with the bf. From Katie and Donna’s feature, I’ve heard wonders about its view of the Capitol, wine list and steaks. Can’t wait! Saturday, I’m hoping to get some basic chores done around the house, and prep for Halloween. Don’t have a costume? Check out these last minute costume ideas. I’ll be hitting up a house party, but will be sure to head to Georgetown for costume viewing.  Sunday, I’ll be recovering from the festivities and checking out the antique furtniture at the Georgetown Flea Market.

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Shannon: I’ve come up with another Metro costume for this year that I’ll be debuting at a friend’s party on Saturday night.  So if you see a somewhat nerdy Metro-themed costume (but not another station pylon) out in Logan Circle, that’s me!  The rest of the weekend I’m hoping to spend a lot of time outside, enjoying fall weather: on Friday evening I’m heading over to Eastern Market to take in Hilloween at Halloween (because a moon bounce, hay rides, and pumpkin carving sound awesome, even though I’m no longer 10), and on Saturday I’m going to hop on my bike (which has been covered in cobwebs since my last triathlon) and go for a ride on the W&OD Trail out to Leesburg.

Jasmine: I’m classing it up on Friday for a little birthday celebration with delicious modern Italian cuisine at Siroc, followed by cocktails at Bourbon Steak. I’ve never been to either one, but I’ve heard some good things, so I’m pretty excited! Then, I have a friend coming down from New York so I was hoping to take her to Eastern Market before we finish putting our Halloween costumes together and head out for the night. The next morning, we’ll probably be taking it pretty easy, so if we get out at all it’ll probably be for a giant latte and muffin at Buzz in Alexandria.

Karl: I’m still in love with fall. And while we’ve had a few rainy days here and there, I’m pretty pleased overall. Nicely done, weather-makers. Now…let’s just make sure Saturday is nice. OH WAIT. Saturday is supposed to be 75 and sunny during the day! This might be one of the greatest Saturdays in recorded history. Awesome warm weather on a beautiful fall day, surrounded by trees boasting multi-colored leaves and a crispness in the air only October can deliver? Yep. Top that off with the fact that Halloween actually falls on a Saturday and that you will be picking from one of these amazing DC themed costumes to head out to your parties at night. What’s that spell!? Most perfect Saturday ever, I believe. Since every one and their brother is throwing a party Saturday, I’ve been forced to pick two out of the giant stack of evites. These two better be fantastic. Friday I will be spending my time preparing my costume and Sunday is the day of sleeping-in and enjoying the rainy weather while reading the Post’s new travel section and planning a trip to somewhere in a land far away. It’s also the last weekend before the big elections on Tuesday in Virginia, so look for people to be knocking on your door if you live in VA!

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Tom: This is a weekend of good friends.  Friday evening I’ll be helping out at the The Society for Social Studies of Science conference with some good friends up from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg,  over in Crystal City, very likely followed by the imbibing of beverages.  Saturday we’re meeting several very good friends for a brunch discussion at Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon, and then it’s off to Mike’s American in Springfield to try out the latest of the GAR franchises.  Sunday means a tasty soup dinner with some friends, and very probably a fine weekend of football watching.

Corinne: It’s been a high-stress week, so I look forward to kicking back with some nostalgic Guster tunes at 9:30 Club and then some Magic Hat and costume-filled fun at Night of the Living Zoo. I was lucky enough to get tickets for both of these events before they sold out, but I’m sure that, if you’re keen to join and willing to shell out some big bucks, Craigslist might still save the day…Sunday might mean some of that killer guac at Rosa Mexicano, currently celebrating Dia de los Muertos with some special menu additions. Happy Halloween, all!

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