Comedy in DC: Pre-Christmas Funny

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We are getting into another seasonal comedy lull as bars and hotels fill their less-used back rooms with professional minefields office holiday parties and as comics make plans to visit their (often highly dysfunctional, comedic goldmine) families, so there are only a few shows of interest coming up in the next couple of weeks.

I mentioned 3 Chord Comedy at the Velvet Lounge, featuring Rob Cantrell this Friday night at 7 already. I can really only add: you should go. The last time Cantrell was in town it was at the Arlington Drafthouse, which is actually a pretty cool place to see comedy, but tickets were closer to $20, and the Velvet Lounge show is $4. Also, Eli Sairs (Bentzen Ball) & Mike Eltringham (of Screech Contract Rider Mockery fame) will be performing, along with Ahmed Huidobro, who I’ve never heard of and apparently Google hasn’t either.

If Rob Cantrell isn’t your thing, there’s a show at Sabores Lounge (formerly Uptown Tavern) this Friday night at 8:45. Why 8:45? Probably so Mike Eltringham has time to make it from the Velvet Lounge to Sabores, because he’s in both shows. Dude gets around. Aparna Nancherla will also be appearing, as will Robb Loving and Pete Bladel.

Meanwhile, at the Improv… Jimmy Meritt will be appearing with Steve Byrne this week, Wednesday-Sunday. Next week, Erin Jackson will be appearing with Sebastian Maniscalo. Local headliner Matt Kazam will be doing a couple of shows at the Improv the two nights after Christmas.

Some video after the jump, so that you may make informed comedy consumption decisions:

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