We Love Weekends: December 19-20

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Hooray, weekend! For most of us it’s kind of a mad rush getting ready for the holidays. How about you?

Max: The weather is going to be perfect this weekend.  Perfect for staying indoors that is.  The highlight of my weekend will probably be the opening show at Irvine Contemporary for one of my favorite photographers, Kerry Skarbakka.  He uses his stuntman skills to stage some eye catching photos of himself defying death.  And winter is movie season for me, so I might go check out Invictus or maybe catch part of the Irish Film Festival.  In summary, “Brrrrrrrrrr.”

Michael: I am headed up to New Jersey for the weekend to celebrate the holidays a little early with my family. But before I leave I hope to catch Avatar in 3-D Imax at the Hoffman Center AMC. I have to settle for their pseudo-Imax since none of  the area’s true IMAX screens seem to be playing it. After a good time in NJ I will be speeding back to DC to catch the highly anticipated reunion of the much-loved, Northern Virginia, 80’s hardcore band Scream at the Black Cat on Sunday night.

Shannon: I’m going out of town to see family this weekend before I head out to Italy for the holidays, but if I were in town I’d be finishing up my Christmas shopping at the Downtown Holiday Market.  I’d also want to check out the National Christmas Tree over at the White House (look for a Mythbusting feature about the tree on Tuesday!) and see how DC’s ‘state’ tree compares to the other fifty states (last year, we were definitely in the top ten).

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Rachel: I hate Adams Morgan. I find it to be Las Vegas on crack. However, it’s my best friend’s birthday so I’m heading into the cesspool Friday night the hopes I make it out alive. We’ll most likely head to Brass Monkey in addition to bar hopping throughout the area. As as there’s Jumbo Slice involved, I’m good to go. Saturday, I’m recovering from said Adam’s Morgan Adventure. Most likely treating myself to a viewing of Love Actually. Sunday, I’m hoping to hmake it down to the National Mall to get some pretty pictures of the Capitol Christmas Tree and maybe see a museum or two.

Donna: This weekend, I’ll be checking out the wonders of Cheesetique for the first time. I hear they have amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Introducing a friend who’s back in town to the many beers at Downtown Holiday Market for some last-minute local and handmade gifts, and swing by the U.S. Botanic Garden’s holiday exhibit to see the poinsettias and model trains.

Kirk: I’m cooking Christmas dinner for the family, this year, so I’m going start my shopping this weekend, hitting up various shops and groceries to ensure that I’ve got the best ingredients. I’m going to do duck, so I’ll probably check out Let’s Meat on the Avenue’s offerings, in that regard. I’ll also go to Mediterranean Bakery and Cafe for their spice, oil, and vinegar selections.  Unfortunately, local produce is lacking this time of year, so I’ll probably just buy anything fresh from Harris Teeter, or the like. In regards to fun, I’m going to try to bring a few friends to the Passenger, on Saturday.  Good, cheap cocktails fit my tastes perfectly.  On Sunday, I’m going to grab lunch with some friends after church at some nameless Vietnamese restaurant in Eden Plaza.  It’s hard to go wrong at Eden Plaza.

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Corinne: My weekend is jam-packed with holiday potlucks and quality catch-ups with visiting friends (in town from Philly, Jo’burg and Jakarta!). But when not in front of a cozy fire with a cup of cocoa or cocktail in hand, we’ll find many tempting reasons to venture out into the world. I’d like to see Junior League Band and Justin Jones and the Driving Rain Friday at 9:30 Club, feast on some dim sum at recently opened Ping Pong,check out the House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage exhibit at the National Building Museum and get in the holiday spirit with the Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, opening at Verizon Center this weekend.

Tom: This weekend is about preparation. We’re going to put our condo on the market in the new year, and so this weekend is about decluttering, and cleaning and home prep.  I’ve got patching to do, and some sanding, and some painting, and a whole bunch of stuff to go out to the freecycle/craigslist/friends crowd.  Saturday I’m hitting Cheestique with some friends to discuss a project, and then Sunday I’m filling in for a friend at his church gig.  Nothing says Christmas Spirit quite like Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia, so I’m kinda excited about that.  I’m also hearing that It’s a Wonderful Life is at AFI this weekend, so that might happen, as well, which should definitely be wonderful.

BenR: This weekend is all about friends and family for us. Friday is a late-night viewing of the Capitals’ invasion of Vancouver with fellow hockey nuts. Saturday, we’ll be hitting the Gaylord over at National Harbor to check out the ICE display, then find some good spot to sit, chill, and nosh before catching a hockey doubleheader: Crosby and the Penguins vs. Buffalo at 7, followed up with an Ovechkin chaser as the Capitals visit Edmonton at 10. Sunday I’ll be performing at church in the Christmas cantata that I co-wrote, followed up with some last-minute Christmas shopping, packing up for our trip to Pittsburgh, and celebrating in a big way my acquisition of a full-time job with a non-profit on K Street.

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Carl: This weekend it’s all about the partying. My Lovely Wife has two office parties – one Friday and one Sunday – despite having only one office. Saturday I have packed with Masonic activities and celebrations and will be starting a new business venture with a friend because somehow I don’t have enough of my time already eaten up. I don’t know if it’s the time of year, my general lifestyle or some combination, but I don’t have much free time nowadays. Fun times!

Rebecca: Great Holiday Party Goo-Ga-Moo-Ga! The parties are coming to a head this Friday and Saturday. Post my workplace fete, I’ll be spending my Friday night at Gate 54, the downstairs lair of Cafe Saint Ex, where to the beats of DK Meistro I’ll get my moves on and burn off those holiday party calories. Saturday evening I’ve been invited to a Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap/White Elephant party. Not sure yet if I’m going to naughty or nice with my present contribution, that will be decided Saturday when I’m shopping in Georgetown. Sunday, with the chilly winter weather expected in the DC area, I’ll be baking Gingerbread Men/Women anddecorating them; I highly recommend this super fun and warm activity.Yum!

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