We Love Weekends, January 1-3

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Happy New Year, everyone. We hope you have plans for a fantastic start to 2010. If you need some ideas, here’s what we’re up to this weekend.

Max: I’m headed to NYC this weekend for the first time in over two years.  I seriously can’t wait to experience the chaos that is the Big Apple.  If I were staying in DC though, I’d go check out the Yinka Shonibare exhibit at the National Museum of African Art.  I’ve heard it’s amazing.  I’d also think about going to see Avatar 3D again because it was that freakin’ awesome.  Given that it’s supposed to be cold as (fill in the blank) this weekend, I’d spend the rest of my weekend indoors with a nice mug of Irish coffee and a good book.

Carl: I am going to spend part of the weekend in Toronto, which is very far from the relatively warm DC area. If I were going to be in town, I would make angels in the slush and freezing rain and see if I could sneak into the White House New Year’s Eve party and spike the eggnog. Either that or I would be hunkered down in the underground bunker, waiting for the big one to come so I could defend against the onslaught of commies, aliens, zombies or whoever the enemy is this week. Typical weekend fodder for me, anyway. Those guns aren’t going to clean themselves, you know. I better get to it.

Paulo: Normally at this time of year I’m in the Philippines with my family, but for the first time in a long time my wife and I are actually staying home for New Year’s Eve. I plan to make the most of this opportunity in true introvert fashion by sleeping peacefully through the first midmight of the new decade. On Jan. 1st we’re going to Mt. Vernon, which, you might be pleased to know, is open that day, and what better way to mark the first day of the New Year than to remember our first president?

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John: I should just bring my tent and pitch it in the parking lot because I plan to spend most of my weekend at IOTA. I’m playing with No Second Troy (sitting in on bass) on New Years Eve (Emmet Swimming is the headliner) and I’ll be back there Saturday to check out Politicks withVirginia Beach band, “The Influence” opening. Keep my tab open all weekend, please.

Tom: We are doing a low key event tonight for New Year’s (sadly, not the big blowout that I hoped!) but that should be just fine.  Friday we’ll be recovering, but probably will try to get out for some New Year’s Day Brunch in Alexandria at the Overwood.  Saturday, I’m taking a bunch of my old electronics gear to the Arlington Recycling center to be recovered into something useful, which they’ll do for free (provided it’s not a CRT monitor, they charge $15 for that.) for residents.  Sunday we’re off to DC to see neighborhoods with our realtor.  Up first? Bloomingdale, Eckington, H Street, Brookland and Brightwood!

Rachel: This New Year’s weekend is the 10th anniversary of my late father’s heart transplant (12/31/1999), so I’m planning on some reflecting time and maybe even a blog entry or two for my personal blog The Chicago to DC POV. Other than that, I’m taking the weekend one day at a time. It’s the start of a new year, there’s no need to rush into anything quite yet … so I’m not making any plans. Just gonna go with the flow on this one.

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Corinne: I will be raising a glass with friends in DC and Philly to reflect on 2009 (feeling very grateful!) and to celebrate our entry into a new decade. If I were in town, though, I’d like to attend one of Yoga District’s New Year’s Day workshops to start the year in a balanced state of mind. I’d also like to catch some comedy at Washington Improv Theater, enjoy a cozy meal under the big tree at Firefly or warm up in the balmy Botanical Garden, where a holiday display keeps things festive till January 10.

Katie: I’m taking some advice from Rev Run and starting 2010 exactly the way I want to live it. Tonight, I’m going out with some close friends and toasting the new years and slaughtering my liver with an open bar. Friday will be split between the classic and the new – brunching with my best girl friends around Eastern Market at Montmartre or Market Brunch, and then eating dinner and having drinks on H Street with a group of friends I’ve never met before. Saturday will be for focusing on what I love – Cathy and I are heading over to The Grille at Morrison House to whip up a healthy-for-the-new-year dish with Chef Dennis Marron, and then former WLDC author Jasmine is having game night with friends and we’re playing favorites like Apples to Apples and Taboo. Sunday will be for recovering and cooking – my mom is passionate about lucky bean soup for the New Year’s so I may carry on the tradition.

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Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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