ACKC Chocolate Pairs Nicely with Wine

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Peas and carrots. Bubble and squeak. Fish and chips. (Mary Kate and Ashley. What?)

The incredibly enterprising people over at ACKC D.C. on 14th street NW are rightfully tackling the historic food pairing, wine and chocolate. Now, not only can we reach euphoric heights with their cocoa indulgences, but we can balance off that chocolate high with a fine glass of wine.

ACKC DC just received its liquor license, so what are you waiting for? Chocolate. Wine. Head on over there to get your chocolate truffle fix paired with wines by First Vine.

Update from ACKC Directly: “We have indeed opened the wine bar, serving six wines that we’ve paired with different chocolates we make here in the store.  The wines are all from First Vine, a Washington, DC importer and internet retailer; our selections are imported from France and go especially well with chocolate — or by themselves if you’d like a glass without accompaniment.  We plan to offer savory snacks, too.  As far as I know, we’re the only place in DC that explicitly pairs wines and chocolates.  We’ll be doing an official opening party later this month, and of course there will be special tasting events, too.”

Snacks, TOO?!?!?

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  5. Chocolate and wine is always a fun pairing – even if it’s not perfect, I mean we’re talkin’ chocolate here! Pairing note: dark chocolate pairs well with Port and often with Merlot – cacao has tannin and so does red wine, they seem to go well together. To confess – Scotch and chocolate is super too – Cheers!