We Love Weekends, January 9-10

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John: Friday night I’ll be heading up to the Honor by August show at the 9:30 club to cheer on my old band mates as they rock the house. Saturday I’m in the wilds of Virginia at Jammin Java in Vienna to see the D.R.A.M.A. Kings (former members of the band The Speaks) play their first headlining show. A big rock weekend, hopefully not to be quashed by the snow.

Shannon: When it is as cold as it has been recently, it takes a lot to actually get me to leave the warmth of my house.  But Friday night’s Spelling Buzz at the Rock and Roll Hotel sounds like the perfect combination of nerdy fun and alcohol– it’s a spelling bee for adults, and all participants must drink a beer and a shot between rounds! Saturday I’m going to spend wrapped up in blankets catching up with my DVR, so I’ll finally be able to participate in the next RWDC live blogging event (while drinking heavily).  And on Sunday afternoon I’m going to make a point to ride the Metro, just to catch all the no-pants riders.

Carl: I am spending the weekend inside, whining about this cold weather. If I weren’t such a crybaby I would be out taking pictures on the Mall or maybe inside one of the cool buildings I have not yet spent much time in, like the Reagan Building. Looks like a great place from the outside and probably there’s hot chocolate in the food court.

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Max: There are entirely too many art gallery openings this weekend, but I’m looking forward to all of them.  First there is the Kerry Skarbakka show at Irvine Contemporary which was postponed due to the snowstorm a few weeks ago.  I’m really looking forward to Uncle Cory’s Art Show at The Fridge which was curated by my friend Cory Oberndorfer and will feature work by everybody’s favorite street artist, DIABETIK.  I’ll also stop by Flashpoint for Jackie Milad’s opening, described as “a reference library for gestural language”.  Aside from that I’ll be taking down my tree and throwing it out on the sidewalk.

Kirk: On Friday, I’m planning on meeting up with a friend for drinks at the Shenandoah Brewing Co., in Alexandria. Then, this Saturday is the second of the month, which means wine and cheese atCapitol Hill Books, so I’ll be heading to the the Eastern Market area for that.  Finally, on Sunday, I’m going to be introducing my parents to the joys of Peruvian chicken at El Pollo Rico, for lunch.  And, of course, there’s sleep, football, etc.

Rebecca: Friday, I’ll be heading out to “Mangia! Mangia!” on cheese ravioli with meat sauce, veal piccata and some carafes of red wine at Dupont’s Buca di Beppo.  Nothing battles the cold weather better then a carb-fest and red and white checkered tables. As the 2009 college football season will finally come to a close after Thursday’s national championship match up between Alabama and Texas, on Saturday I’m going to check out the Smithsonian Institute’s Elvis at 21exhibit. I LOVE the King and can’t wait to see Alfred Werthheimer’s photos of the music legend on the verge of stardom. Sunday brunch at The Diner has been on my mind since WeLoveDC author Katie reminded me about how fab it is during our RWDC Live Blog. MMM….nom…nom.

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Rachel: I’m headed back to the Windy City for a weekend with family. But if I were still in DC I have a feeling I would’ve found myself at the Smithsonian Institute’s Elvis at 21 exhibit (props to Rebecca for mentioning that!) at some point with the standard meandering about the Lincoln Memorial for a leisurely tourist watching session followed by Sunday brunch at Chef Geoff’s on New Mexico by AU(it’s to die for BTW). Guess I’ll just have to do those things next weekend when I’m back in the Capitol.

Corinne: It’s still raining visitors for me, and I’m loving it. I plan to pop into Ghana Café, which has finally this week opened the doors of its new 14th Street location. Other stay-warm ideas: enjoy some Belgian treats at Brasserie Beck, cheer on the Hoyas at Verizon Center Saturday at noon or catch an IMAX film like “Wild Ocean 3D” at Natural History (but be sure to check out “Journey to Mecca” when it opens to the public January 14. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek yesterday, and it’s incredible!).

Karl: Staying true to one of my New Year’s resolutions, Friday I’m going to take in a new ethnic cuisine. Well, new as far as eating it at a restaurant at least – I get to compare restaurant Venezuelan food to home cooked Venezuelan. The reviews for this place rave about their arepas! It’s called La Caraquena and it’s out in Falls Church. I will report back. Saturday I’m packing up the new car and heading for the homeland. Otherwise known as West Virginia. I want to take in as much of my hometown as I can before it explodes as part of the massive casino expansion of table games coming to Charles Town. Sunday calls for a fantastic brunch…most likely at my favorite local brunch spot Liberty Tavern in Clarendon.

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Tom: The winter brings me down.  This is when I start to look for indoor pursuits that will get me out of the house and brighten my day.  I’m looking for big sunlit rooms with good food and good folks.  Sadly, though, I’ll be packing up our office for the big move.  We’re seeing houses in Bloomingdale, 16th Street Heights, East Capitol Hill and Atlas this weekend as part of our grand moving plan.

Jenn: Thanks to Cathy, I am dying to stuff myself full of chocolate and wine at some point this weekend as ACKC rolls out their new wine bar. Then I could roll over to MidCity Caffe for an espresso. Really, I could just roll back and forth all day. Except that I want to catch some quirky fusion bellydance at Brain Dance Saturday night and check out the Czech Avant Garde exhibit at the Phillips Collection sometime. Then there’s dinner with the girls at Oyamel where I could end the night with more chocolate – hot chocolate with spice in a clay pot – oooo…

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5 thoughts on “We Love Weekends, January 9-10

  1. Kirk, what is this wine and cheese at Capitol Hill Books thing? I love that place but evidently not enough since I haven’t heard of this.

  2. Basically, on every 2nd Sat of the month, the owner sets out wine and cheese for customers to enjoy as they shop. It’s pretty darn nice.

  3. @Kick now that I know that … I’ve really gotta start getting out of bed on Saturday morning.