We Love Weekends: January 16-17

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Paulo: Gonna head down to the Sackler Gallery to check the Falnama exhibit, a fascinating historical overview of Islamic mysticism and divination among Medieval Persian and Turkish Muslims. Then, across the Garden (or under it) to the African Art Museum for a look at the sculptural work of Yinka
Shonibare MBE

Jenn: It’s shocking for a former New England girl to admit this, but I’ve never gone skiing. Well, never say never. This weekend I’m off to Wisp Resort, some three hours away, to start slow. I envisioned Sexy Snowbunny but my outfit looks more like a Stay-Puft-Marshmallow. If I weren’t risking my limbs I’d be at the DC Tribal Student Showcase Sunday night to cheer on fellow students studying bellydance. Since this weekend may be my last, I’ll hit Marvin sometime before leaving – they’re tapping their last keg of Leffe Brun tonight…

Rachel: My big weekend plans revolve around the fact that I’m going to my first NHL game! I know what you’re thinking, what Midwestern native has never been to an NHL game? Well in my defense, we had tickets one year … but then the NHL went on strike. So this Sunday, I’m checking out the Caps vs. Flyers at the Verizon Center. Should be a blast!

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Shannon: This is the first weekend in a while when it’ll actually be tolerable to be outside, so I plan on taking full advantage of it.  I’ll definitely head out for a long overdue bike ride and make my way to a few favorite restaurants to take advantage of Restaurant Week (on my list?  Co Co Sala and Dino).  I also plan on just hanging around my neighborhood on the 14th Street Corridor, because Cafe Salsa’s $5 mojitos can’t be beat, and I’m dying to try ACKC’s Chocolate and Wine Pairings.  And because it seems wrong to have a carefree weekend while thousands of people are suffering, I plan on donating to the Haiti earthquake relief efforts, and keeping an eye out for DC area events that benefit the relief efforts.

Rebecca: For the last few days I’ve been craving some exotic Indian food, so Friday I’m heading to Indique for Restaurant Week. Yum! Can’t wait for some vegetable samosas, spicy chicken tikka makani, and naan. Saturday, I’ll be catching the Ravens v. Colts game at Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda. Love them Titan Toothpicks. And then Sunday, I’ll sleep in and then head over to the Dumbarton Oaks Museum and check out the Flights of Fancy: Pre-Columbian Art exhibition.  Should prove to be a relaxing way to end the weekend.

Katie: My roomie and I have an out-of-town friend coming in, so we’ll be playing tourist. I’m hoping to head to the Newseum, or over to the National Gallery of Art to see the current photography exhibit “Before The Darkroom.” Saturday night I snagged Restaurant Week reservations at a place that I recommended (See? I take my own advice!) and then I’m heading out to a bar with friends. Sunday will be another day for playing tourist – I’ve been digging on the 14th street corridor recently, so I figure we should give her a taste of local DC and avoid the Restaurant Week craziness by going toMasa 14 for brunch, and then do a little shopping at some of the MidCity shops. Monday I’ll be volunteering with Greater DC Cares for MLK Holiday of Service day, hopefully I’ll meet some of you out there!

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Tom: The grand house hunt continues!  We’ll be looking at listings in Petworth over the next couple days, starting this afternoon.  Friday night will probably mean some Pizza at Lost Dog on Columbia Pike, and then editing the survey results into something to share with everyone.   Packing, packing and more packing will mean a trip to the Container Store in Clarendon, also.  I suspect we’ll aim for a movie out to calm our nerves and senses a bit, probably trying to see Up in the Air at Hoffman 22.

Tiff: The house hunt (and accompanying work involved in selling our current place) has me in pretty much a constant state of stress and anxiety. So in addition to packing and hunting, this weekend will be about trying to make this knot in my stomach go away. I start Bollywood class tonight, but there’s also Right Round backstage at the Black Cat on Saturday night to further my dance-it-out efforts.

Corinne: I am kicking off the weekend with my first meal at new West End spot Ris followed by some basketball at Verizon Center (go Hoyas!). Tomorrow I’ll be venturing out for a change of scene at a HH gathering at Capitol Hill’s Tune Inn, while later on this weekend I’ll relish the gems of my ‘hood like the pad see ew at Thai Tanic (it’s been way too long!). I will also be seeking out ways to do my small part toward Haiti relief, whether supporting local efforts or spreading the word on simple ways to donate through sites like this.

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Max: Surprise, surprise, I’ll be attending some gallery openings this weekend.  Conner Contemporary, who always has above par art on display, is showcasing the work of three artists, Jeremy Kost, Taylor Baldwin, and Matthew Sutton.  While some galleries around town may be closing their doors, one is opening theirs for the first time.  Industry Gallery (upstairs from Conner) debuts their giant space with the work of Israeli-born artist Shlomo Harush.  However the show I’m most looking forward to is at the closet-sized gallery, Transformer.  Their show “Snow Globe” features the work of Zach Storm and Jessica Cebra as well as a live ballet performance.  I’m interested to see if they’ll be doing ballet in the closet or outside in the cold.  Either way, I’ll be there with my camera.

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