We Love Weekends, January 23-24

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Tom: I’m back in class once again, so I have a feeling that this weekend will be all about reading books and writing responses.  I do know, however, that Saturday night I’ve been invited by Chevy to go test drive a Volt over at RFK Stadium, so tune in on Sunday to see my impressions of driving a “greener” hybrid around DC.  Sunday afternoon we’re off on a tour of Petworth, courtesy of The Prince himself, as we continue our hunt for a new place to live.

John: After a week out of town in the Studio, I’ll be back to hit up some shows and some grub. Friday night there’s a benefit concert for Haiti at the IOTA Club and Cafe in Arlington. Saturday night I’ll be hitting up dinner at Ulah Bistro and then follow that by checking out Thievery Corporation at the 9:30 Club on their five (?) night stand there.

Rachel: Got quite a weekend in store — seeing the Savoir AdoreRa Ra RasputinBellflur concert at Velvet Lounge on Friday, catching up with old friends over tacos and margaritas at Guapos in Tenleytown (I don’t care what anyone says, Guapos food > Cactus Cantina‘s while Guapos margaritas are slightly inferior to that of the delicous concoctions at Cactus) on Saturday, and then the Sunday finale that includes hitting up the Contanier Store/Best Buy in Tenley and a stop in Friendship Heights (World Market anybody?!?!?) for a few final items to complete my semi-new apartment followed by the NFL Playoffs double feature at Chef Geoff’s with a supermug of Yuengling in hand.

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Kirk: This weekend, I’m going to be spending most of Saturday in the Eastern Market area, moseying about and eating various foods.  This is becoming a regular activity for me.  That evening I’ll be off to see the Capitals (look for a summary here, shortly thereafter) and on Sunday, I’m planning on finally getting out to try Meat in a Box, in Falls Church.  I’m really exciting.

Rebecca: Friday I’m hoping to catch Crazy Heart at Landmark’s E-Street theater and then catch a drink at The Passenger. Saturday will be uber low key with some gym time and running some long overdo errands. If I have some spare time, catching La Liga and/or Premiere League soccer and a rueben at Breadsoda will definitely be added to the agenda.  Sunday, I’m heading to Ping Pong Dim Sum for brunch, where I’ll feast on tasty shrimp shu mai and sip tea. Afterward, I’ll check out the American History Museum, particularly The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag That Inspired the National Anthem exhibit.

Don: For the most part this weekend is dedicated to trying to finally kick this craptacular sinus infection once and for all. If I rally a bit, however, I might go catch Mike Daisey’s The Last Cargo Cult at Woolly. I saw it in preview last year when Daisey was still working on it but the BYT writeup of it leads me to believe that a number of things in it have changed since then. Beyond that, the only non-couch activity I might engage in is a little spin around the rink at Pentagon Row or, preferably, the National Gallery. Weather permitting, of course.

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