We Love Weekends, February 13-14, Shoveling Out Edition

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What are we doing this weekend? SHOVELING, that’s what.

Max: Assuming the airline gods don’t cancel my flight tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying back to Cluster-Flake 2010,throwing snowballs at myself, building a snowman, making snow angels, and reveling in all of the snow activities that I’ve missed.  If you want me to throw your kid into a snowbank, I’ll do that too.  Once I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’ll be heading down to the Capitol Skyline Hotel Friday night for the Hearts & Skulls Valentine’s Party to watch horror movies, eat pizza, and listen to tunes pumped out by seven Fatback DJs.  On Saturday night I can’t wait to go to the opening of Empty Time, a painting and photography show at The Fridge curated by Trevor Young. All of the snow should be melted by Sunday, right?

Carl: Mostly I am going to sit down and cry because I thought I was through with this kind of weather when I moved away from Massachusetts four years ago. In between sobs, I hope to maybe get a good eggplant Parmesan sub from McLean Pizza and see if some elderly friends out in that area can use a bit of shoveling. Until then, I will be waiting for the plow, which might come or might not. At least I don’t have the burden of knowing whether Arlington County will come out here with a plow. That’s got to be a real hardship.

Paulo: Last weekend I said I’d love to see how Roosevelt Island looks under a foot of snow. That didn’t happen since we got significantly more than a foot, making me unable to get on Metro all weekend — and all week. Maybe I’ll be luckier this weekend. Maybe.

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Samantha: This weekend I am planning on starting it off by grabbing dinner at Ping Pong and then going to see a movie at Gallery Place.  Saturday during the day I want to check out the Drawing Toward Home exhibition at the National Building Museum and then Saturday night I will be at Activation 2719 which was re-scheduled as a result of last weekends snow love-fest.  Sunday I will be waking up to plan a super awesomely cool Valentine for someone special and then heading to my first Barre class at B Fit DC.

Rebecca: This weekend I’ll be melting the snow with a hairdryer.  I’ll probably get as far as my front door. I’ll also be digging my car out of the snow and helping others do so.

Don: My darling wife and I don’t tend to celebrate valentine’s day – we met on February 8th so that’s always been our day to celebrate and avoid the crush of revelers on the 14th. However the only celebrating we got to do on that day this year was thanking the powers that her train made it back from New York. So this weekend will be about celebrating 7 years and five days together. Our dining choice is still being negotiated – suggestions, gift cards, shoeboxes full of 20s are welcome – but we’ll finish with some Georgetown Cupcake, which provided the desert for our wedding.

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Shannon: Provided the streets are somewhat drivable by Saturday, I’m officially moving to Adams Morgan this weekend!  Even though my plan for the weekend is primarily to unpack and set up the new place, I’ll definitely be taking some breaks to visit neighborhood favorites Bourbon and Tryst.  And what move would be complete without a totally overwhelming trip to Ikea for furniture?  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I’ll be all settled in at the new place and celebrating Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend/new roommate.

Rachel: This weekend I plan on getting out of the “cabin” and ridding myself of this “fever” caused by snow. If weather permits, I’m headed to the DC 9 Six Year Anniversary Celebration featuring the Liberation Dance Party DJs. Then, Saturday is Cupid’s Undie Run. I might plan on staying enjoying myself  from strictly INSIDE Pour House’s instead of running around half-naked in the snow, either way it should be quite a day!  I’m also still deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day. I’ve got two options 1 - The Wolfman or 2 - Jammin’ Java for their “All You Need Is Love Songwriter’s Circle Tribute to The Beatles and Love Songs” on Sunday night at 7. I feel like whichever I choose all depends on my mood.

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