We Love Weekends, February 20-21

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Kirk: I’m leaving for the Olympics on Saturday, but I’m going to try to cram some weekend goodness in early, before I get out of town.  Tonight, I’m going to SOVA for some bluegrass, a bi-weekly, Thursday tradition that a friend introduced me to, recently.  Tomorrow, I’ll likely treat myself to a beer at the Saloon after work before finally going to Wisdom for the first time ever (I’m behind the times). Then it’s early to bed so I can be up for my 4am drive to BWI.

John: Friday night I’ll be sitting in early with No Second Troy at the 9:30 club for the Hotspur show. Then I promptly get in my car and trek down to Charlottesville for the “Hunting for Locavores” class all weekend. I’ll come back with new skills, a belly full of venison, and some great photos and experiences to share with you all.  

Rebecca: Friday has turned into a chillaxin night for me, so I’ll likely grab some pizza (with anchovies) from Kavanaugh’s Pizza Pub, a bottle of wine from Pearson’s, which has a great selection and a sale on right now, and watch the Winter Olympics.  Saturday, I’ll be attending the Lincoln Theatre’s screening of “Marching Band”, and checking out how I can get involved and make a difference with various DC organizations.  Then I’ll head to the H Street Country Club to play some skeeball, minigolf and down a few cocktails. Sunday, I’ll head over to Chinatown for the Lunar New Year Festival 2010 from 12 – 5pm, featuring a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance, Kung Fu demonstrations and live musical entertainment.I’ll hopefully also grab some dumplings, springs rolls and green tea.

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Corinne: I will spend much of this weekend in the office meeting a deadline for a project that propels my mind into the future (into late March and the National Cherry Blossom Festival, to be exact). I will try not to let daydreams of sun-soaked, riverside picnics while wearing a sundress and flip flops interfere too much with my productivity level…But a weekend highlight will be heading to the 9:30 Club Saturday to see Nouvelle Vague ( http://www.myspace.com/nouvellevague) and Clare and the Reasons, a band I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about recently. I also plan to watch as many Olympics events as I can, while wearing the new red mittens I was lucky enough to score at the Canadian Embassy last weekend.

Rachel: I might be working all weekend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a little fun to be had! Since I’ll be assisting as host for a conference down by the Pentagon, I think I’ll take in all that the Pentagon City Mall can provide. From Taco Bell to the latest in novelty shopping, I think relaxation and mall-meandering is the name of this weekend’s game. I’m also looking forward to taking my first “walking tour” of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. From what I hear, it’s breathtaking.

Paulo: There’s just one Metrorail-accessible place in the DC-area that I can find which shows Avatar in IMAX 3D: the AMC at Hoffman Center near Eisenhower Ave Station on the Yellow Line. Perhaps I will watch it there, subjecting myself to an alien entertainment experience so grand and immersive I might decide that my true inner self is a borderline offensve tribal stereotype in blue skin.

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Samantha: I can’t wait any longer for this weekend to come (true given any weekend, but this weekend especially)!  Friday night I will be attending Pecha Kucha at the Embassy of Austria, which is going to be such an incredible experience.  Afterwards I am hoping to have a relaxing dinner and maybe even head over to either POV or the W Wine Bar for some drinks.  Saturday its all about the 9:30 club where I will be seeing Nouvelle Vague – definitely check her out (I mean, two of your WLDC authors will be there so it must be worthy).  And Sunday will most likely look something like coffee and an afternoon movie.  Any suggestions?

Tiff: Our house just went on the market, so a good chunk of this weekend will be spent house-hunting while strangers track slush across my newly-refinished floors during the open house on Sunday. But before that, I’ve got plans to check out National Geographic’s kung fu film festival and the Lunar New Year celebrations in Chinatown that Rebecca mentioned.

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