No Jail for Cho

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‘Coffee Fest 2007 – Matt, Nick Cho, Sean’
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Here at We Love DC we’ve avidly followed the saga of Nick Cho and Murky Coffee’s tax problems since back in the days of Dickpunchgate. So you may be interested to know that Cho will not have to serve any jail time for his failure to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in DC sales taxes. Instead, he’ll be doing 400 hours of community service and paying $190,000 in restitution, $276/month for the first year, $3,900/month thereafter until it’s all paid up.

So what happens when he’s unable to come up with nearly $4k a month next year?

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4 thoughts on “No Jail for Cho

  1. This guy should be in prison. Period. For all the people who pay their taxes on time, whether they like it or not, this guy is a jerk who screwed the whole DC community.

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  3. The guy’s a total douchebag, but I’m going to commend him for not paying taxes, especially to the DC city government. Every dollar you give those crooks is a dollar wasted.