We Love Weekends, March 6-7

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Max: On Friday I’ll be helping two awesome friends celebrate their birthdays by drinking alcoholic beverages and checking out the Rogue Wave show at the 9:30 Club, and on Saturday…ah yes, Saturday.Well it’s going to be awesome.First I’ll be attending the WPA’s Art Auction Gala and if I’m lucky I’ll walk away with an awesome piece of art like I did last year. Later I’ll be sprinting over to Long View Gallery to hang with my photographer peeps at the fourth annual DCist Exposed Photography Show, the best show in town to buy awesome, affordable photography! Oh and Sunday…ugh. I’ll be preparing my taxes. Way to end on a low note.

Rachel: I’ll have to second Max on the birthday celebration front. I don’t know what it is, but a whole bunch of my friends have March birthdays. Friday night I’ll be partying it up at The Tombs in Georgetown only to follow that performance up with a night of friends and shuffle board at Atomic Billiards on Saturday. Sunday has the potential to be a laid back, movie kind of day. I haven’t been to the Uptown in awhile, so it’s likely I’ll make a visit to see the always dreamy Leo in Shutter Island.  

Samantha: Friday I will be attending my second class at B.fit followed by a surprise dinner later that evening at Raskia (whoops).  Early Saturday morning I am taking my dog to an obedience class with Geroge (sorry Izzy) and then later that afternoon my mother and sister will be in town visiting – not sure where to take them since they come all the time, any suggestions?  And for Sunday I am planning on lay super low, perhaps renting Vicky Christina Barcelona to watch for the hundredth or so time since seeing Rodrigo y Gabriella last Sunday left me wanting more.

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Tom: This weekend is all about the house hunting.  While we saw, and made an offer on, a house this past week, it was usurped by an all cash offer for $30k more than list!  Whew. House hunting is hard, and I will be deeply relieved when it’s all over.  I’m also seeing that we’ll be in the 50s all weekend, so expect me to do some sitting outside, listening to Nats Baseball on MLB At Bat 2010 for my iPhone, and waiting to hear if our press application was accepted.

Kirk: After a traditional Saturday morning Market Brunch, I’m going to be heading off to Theodore Roosevelt Island, to venture the snowy wastes.  I’m banking on them being less snowy than last week in that I’m hoping the island will actually be accessible. That night I’m going to be grabbing drinks with a few friends on H St., an area I’ve left woefully unexplored.  I’m hoping to go to a few staples like Little Miss Whiskey’s and H St. Country Club.

John: Still recovering from my Juniper Lane show at IOTA last weekend, I’ll be taking a low key approach with some R&R in the countryside at WeLoveDirtLabDC, aka OMG DIRT ROAD! Saturday morning, I’ll be picking up 1/2 a cow from our CSA farmer (Bull Run Farm) of locally raised, grass fed, locally butchered beef awesomeness. Then heading into town in the afternoon for an early dinner and a birthday party. Sunday? Recovery. Stat.

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Corinne: I will be laying low after some jam-packed days, but not before fitting in a few more birthday week celebrations. I’ll likely make my annual pilgrimage to the Travel and Adventure Show for some inspiration, maybe finally check out DC’s roller derby team and spend some time outdoors in anticipation of spring. Bring on the sunshine!

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