We Love Weekends, March 20-21

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Tiff: This weekend marks the first one in months where I will NOT be househunting! We’ve just gone under contract on a gorgeous house in Brookland (which means we’ll be the Brookland Bridges), so I will spend a chunk of my Sunday in my future neighborhood, not only for the home inspection but also to scope out 12th St. NE, the commercial heart of Brookland. Later that day, my dance studio is having their grand re-opening in a new, bigger space, so I’ll be checking out dance performances and demonstrations with them.

Rachel: This weekend is the celebration of my life (aka my birthday). My mom’s coming into town so I’m taking her on a whirlwind tour of all things awesome in DC. Friday kicks it off with lunch at Madhatter followed by dinner and a movie in Chinatown (dinner location suggestions are encouraged!). Saturday will be spent shopping in Georgetown, grabbing lunch at Martin’s Tavern, and grabbing a few cocktails at The Gibson before heading to Atomic Billiards for a rousing night of debauchery and dart throwing. Then, we’ll wrap up this celebration of life with my REAL birthday on Sunday by brunching at Chef Geoff’s and paroozing the National Mall in true tourist fashion.  Jenn: My mood has brightened with the sun, and I’m finally over daylight savings jetlag, so it’s time to have fun! Friday night will see dinner at Marvin celebrating a friend’s impending wedding, then whisking her off to dance. Will it be U Street Music Hall? Patty Boom Boom? Town? Maybe all of the above! Saturday I’ll hit the garden to clean up my roses (hmmm, hangover gardening may not be such a great idea), later perhaps viewing some art at the G40 Summit. Sunday begins my next bellydance session at Saffron Dance (performance June 5 – yikes!) and a relaxing afternoon of girl time. Ah, thank you, sun.

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Dave: When I’m not parked in front of a TV trying to stay up on all of the March Madness, I’ll be keeping my self plenty busy with a wide array of other sporting-related activities throughout the city. To kick off Saturday right, I’m travelling back up to theNational Curling Center to try my hand at a weekend pick-up game - I just couldn’t get enough last month. After recovering and a little more hoops, it’s time to prepare for the Capital Alumni Network’s softball season and a nice pre-season coaches meeting at the Exchange. Basketball, Curling and Softball: that’s how you know spring is in the air. Or something like that.

John: This Friday I’ll be taking it quiet and doing some kitchen cooking experiments attempting to rival our recent 1789 review. Saturday, it’s time to get the WLDC DirtLab built up for the spring. We’re talking a big pile of compost sitting in my driveway that will be spread out to start our awesome vegetable experiments again. Saturday night will be a rock fest at the Black Cat with the 8th anniversary of Right Round (the awesome 80s dance party hosted by DJ Lil’E). Sunday will be brunch at Belga Cafe and some much deserved rest and relaxation for my completely sore frame.

Kirk: Some friends and I are going to welcome in spring with a BBQ on Friday night.  This means that it’s time to visit theButcher’s Block and lay hands on some less usual fare.  I’m thinking duck breast would be nice.  On Saturday morning, I’ll be cooking brunch at Miriam’s Kitchen for a group of volunteers that will be there stuffing letters.  Later that afternoon, I’m planning on going to Adam’s Morgan’s Fleet Feet to get some new running shoes and eliminate my last excuse for not jogging. The rest of the weekend is as of yet unplanned, but my general strategy is to spend as much of it outside as possible.

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Tom: Whew, big weekend coming up!  Friday night will be the only respite, so we may well head out for a quiet dinner. Saturday, I’ll be in rehearsal for Choralis’ spring performance of Mass of the Children at Falls Church Presbyterian at 7pm. Featuring the Rutter Mass, and a first half program of British composers, the Anglophile music lover would do well to head on out to hear us.  Sunday will complete the choral doubleheader with a performance of the Mozart Requiem leading up to next week’s Palm Sunday. Then, we’ll be headed to Brookland to meet the home inspector to do a full checkup on the house we’re under contract to buy mid-April.

Rebecca: Friday I’m heading to Alexandria for a little suburbian fun in Del Ray. I’ll grab a latte at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub and sip its java goodness at one of the shops outdoor tables, before I grab dinner with friends at the Evening Star Cafe. The burger on their website is looking uber fabulous! Given Saturday’s gorgeous weather potential, I’m planning on dusting off the bike and taking an early morning ride down to 18th and Connecticut Avenue to cheer on all of this year’s National Capital Marathon participants. Sunday, I’ll find a spot on the lawn of the National Cathedral grounds and enjoy the nice weather. Should a thunderstorm threaten my relaxation, I can always run to Two Amy’s or Cafe Deluxe for some noshing while I wait out the showers.

Tiffany Baxendell Bridge is an Internet enthusiast and an incurable smartass. When not heckling the neighborhood political scene on Twitter, she can be found goofing off with her ukulele, Bollywood dancing, or obsessing about cult TV. She is That Woman With the Baby In the Bar.

Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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6 thoughts on “We Love Weekends, March 20-21

  1. Rachel – I suggest going to MatchBox in Chinatown for dinner – their 3.6.9 miniburgers are amazing as app. & anything on their menu has not disappointed me yet. Another suggestion, Zaytina is also a great dinner spot. Have a great bday weekend! :D

  2. I’m running the National Half Marathon on Sat., bitches! Then I’m drinking guinness all day to make up for all the festivities I’ve missed this week in prep for the race.

  3. @Min Funny you should mention MatchBox! A friend of mine brought it up as a possible option last night. It is slowly jumping the list as to what our final choice will be!

    @Art D. Thanks for the tip! Never been to Eat First. Definitely one to add to my list of places to try.

  4. Rachel- Ping Pong Dim Sum. My new favorite restaurant and you can try all kinds of tasty stuff. I cannot wait to go back. Nando’s Peri-Peri is a tasty, not too expensive option. Matchbox is always crazy busy so good luck getting in there.

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