We Love Weekends, April 10-11

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Jenn: This being the first weekend in several past that I’m actually not sick, I intend to have a blast. Friday night sees me at the opening of Synetic’s Metamorphosis, eager to find out how they tackle Kafka’s work about a man who wakes up one day as, well, a bug. Saturday is Sakura Matsuri Street Festival, to collect as many cute Japanese tees and teas as possible before hitting Yuri’s Night at the Capitol Skyline. Burlesque, art and mayhem! Sunday there’s no time to recover, following my usual bellydance class by meeting my fellow cyclistas for a ride on the Arlington Triangle. Yay spring!

Michael: This weekend has excellent concert bookends. On Friday, I’ll be catching British indie-rock legends, The Wedding Present, perform their seminal break-up opus ‘Bizarro’ in its entirety at the Black Cat ($15). On Sunday, I’ll be watching Red Sparowes when they migrate to Rock & Roll Hotel ($10).  Samantha: I am so excited to finally have a weekend here in the city.  Friday night I will be attending Hirshhorn After Hours, the very first of the season, and I am so pleased because it is one of my favorite DC events of year.  On Saturday, I will be taking photos at the Sakura Matsuri festival all day and then Saturday night I will get all dressed up for the Knight of Diamonds.  Then on Sunday it is all relaxing and getting some sun.

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Rachel: I’m going to finally try my luck, wake up early on Saturday, and venture to The Cereal Bowl in Cleveland Park. The emphasis on this weekend is going to be on relaxation. There hasn’t been a weekend in nearly a month that involved my participation in any sort of, so my attempt to maximize that to the fullest will commence starting Friday at 5 p.m. My great search for coffee within walking distance of my apartment will also continue over the weekend and into Sunday. Here’s to hoping my adventure proves to be successful and I enter Monday a bit more relaxed.

Rebecca: Friday I’ll grab an early picnic dinner from Georgetown’s Dean & Deluca, and plop myself down somewhere along the sublime Georgetown Waterfront Park. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy some greenery, eats and the view of the Potomac, Key Bridge and Kennedy Center. Saturday at 2pm, if you’re a Spanish League soccer fan, is the one of the year’s best match ups with Real Madrid v. Barcelona. The game is being shown on ESPN 3, but head to Fado,Cleveland Park Bar & GrillBreadsodaIreland’s Four Courts, or call your local pub to see if they’re showing it.  This game will be a great World Cup 2010 primer should you want some recon on the current international stars. Sunday, I want to check out the early harvests coming in at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market. After that, a nap in the cool spring sunny weather sounds in order.

Shannon: I’m out of town again this weekend, but I hate to miss all the Cherry Blossom festivities!  Saturday is theCherry Blossom Parade, Sunday is my favorite road race ever, the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler, and there are Cherry Blossom bike tours going on this weekend too.  And now that it’s peak outdoor patio season, I’d love to stop by neighborhood favorite Perry’s for its drag brunch and a great view of Adams Morgan.

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Corinne: I’ll be away again this weekend, this time getting recharged in the Maryland mountains. But if in town, I’d be attending Hirshhorn After Hours Friday night (which I now see has sold out anyway!). Next time, then… Saturday, for something totally out of the norm, I’d head to Bourbon in Adams Morgan to watch the 2nd Annual HOT Brown Eating Contest. Starting at 5 p.m., gluttons will participate in two challenges—one testing speed, one endurance—involving the consumption of many mini-Hot Browns. Sunday evening I’d head to Dance Place to check out Contra-Tiempo, a nonprofit, activist dance company whose works look intriguing.

Kirk: On Friday I’m going to hipster it up at the Hirshhorn After Hours, which I’ve somehow avoided going to since I moved to DC.  After a brief stint there, I’ll head to Policy for a friend’s birthday party (beer secret: Chris, the beverage director, stocks Russian River beers that he imports from Philly.  He’s pretty much the only guy in the city who has it). On Saturday, I’m going to Market Brunch, and then to Capitol Hill books for wine and cheese day.

Tiff: There are 4 comedy shows crammed into the next few days, with a total admission cost of less than $30. So it sounds like my evening plans have been made for me. The rest of the time I will probably spend haunting local farmers markets, hoping for the hothouse crops that mark the beginning of the months where being a locavore gets easy.

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