We Love Weekends, May 8-9

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Jenn: Drinks + Theater = Fun! That’s my motto anyway. Saturday afternoon I’m hosting a small readers event at Bistrot Lepic (have no fear if you didn’t get one of the few spots available, as I’ll have a Drinks Special up on Thursday so you can all learn what we learned). You should take Mom to BRABO that afternoon for a complimentary rosé wine tasting with sommelier Leah Dedmon (2-4pm at the Butcher’s Block). That evening I’m attending the opening ofConstellation Theater’s Ramayana – from French wine to Indian mythology, should be a fascinating day. Sunday evening I’ll be at Theater J finding out what goes on at the Mikveh. Both reviews up next week. Cheers and bravo!

Dave: Weather, do me a favor and stay nice, ok? It’s sports weekend for this guy. Friday, the now ranked BC Alumni softball team (although I will leave out my diatribe on minimal participation in the Capital Alumni Network’s Coaches Poll leading to a lower-than-expected rank) looks to continue the season down on the mall; Saturday, I’m going on a good walk spoiled (i.e., Golf, in the words of Mark Twain) out at the Andrews Air Force Base West Course; and Sunday is a hopefully-cooler-than-last-weekend intramural soccer game. Then Sunday night will come and I’ll have to try to figure out (a) where my weekend went and (b) why I’m sore, but at least it’ll probably be over a brew atRagtime while watching the Red Sox take on the hated Yankees.

Rebecca: It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so Friday after work I’m headed to the home front, Baltimore, via the gloriousMARC Penn Line. What I love about this train ride is that TGIF commuters are known to pick up a sixer at the Union Station liquor shop and stage mini HHs on the train ride back to MD. This Friday I think I’ll join them.  For the last few Saturday’s I’ve had some sort of activity planned, but this week I’m going to enjoy not having anything on my Saturday plate and just take the day as it comes. Sunday after a Mother’s Day brunch at Kooper’s Tavern, I’ll take my mom on the 39th Annual Historic Fells Point House Tour. Then it will be back to DC.

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Rachel: Friday night I’ll be in the crow’s nest at Nationals Park live tweeting the Nationals contest vs the Marlins via our newest Twitter account @WeLoveDCSports. Saturday’s my first live gig since February at the Tonic Lounge by GWU. If you’re in the neighborhood, come give it a listen! I’d love to see some of you. Then Sunday, I’ve got a day game at Guy Mason Field for another romp of co-ed softball with the Glover Park League.

Paulo: Going to the NGA Sculpture Garden to meet a friend for lunch and wondering if the food is any good at the Pavilion Cafe. After that the National Mall is our oyster, so we’re going to the Freer and Sackler to look at Whistlers and Dewings and Hai Bo.

Max: Friday night I’ll be attending the opening of Chajana denHarder’s Oneness, Shock and Return at the WPA Headquarters, followed by beer and/or spirits at the Black Rooster Pub to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  On Saturday I’ll be checking out some of the EU embassies, learning about French wine, and attending the openings of One Hour Photo and the Corcoran’s 2010 All-Senior Exhibition.  Sunday I’ll be walking my dog to Georgetown as usual and brunching with a long lost friend from Brooklyn.

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John: Friday Night I’ll be playing with my cover band, Hang the DJ, at Lansdowne resort. Saturday, I’ll be trekking up to NYC to play Arlene’s Grocery with DC favorites, No Second Troy. Sunday, after returning from NYC, it’s time to finish planting the garden out at the WeLoveDC dirtlab and building some new beds for squash planting. Rock and roll and gardening. Now that’s how hipsters do it.

Carl: Friday night I’m crashing your party. Saturday I’m saying I’m sorry. When Sunday comes it will trash me out again. As long as I’m only having fun, not hurting any one and we finally enjoying a weekend for a change, I will be happy.

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