We Love Weekends, June 19-20

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Dave L.: Unsurprisingly, I’m still obsessed with the World Cup. With the second game for the Yanks at 10 a.m. on Friday, I’m all in for a morning break and loud cheering as the U.S. plays its second match against Slovenia. Saturday will be a brunch with some visiting family – recommendations always appreciated, in the city or in the Commonwealth – before my competitive skeeball team, Snakes on a Lane, laces up for the playoffs of United Skeeball’s third skeeson at Continental down in Rosslyn.

Paulo: I’ll be underwater over the weekend (literally), but back in town I’d love to go see GermanMaster Drawings from the Wolfgang Ratjen Collection, a relatively fresh acquisition by the National Gallery of Art, covering a millieu of artistic eras from the baroque to the romantic/impressionist. I especially look forward to seeing the waterproof coat of General Moltke.

Ben: More of a typical weekend for me and the missus in Springfield. Dinner out, probably at one of the great restaurants in Old Town Alexandria, then to the premiere of Toy Story 3. (We’re Pixar geeks, after all.) Saturday might see us heading out to the National Geographic Museum to view their new “Da Vinci – The Genius” exhibit that opens this weekend. Sunday will be a grab-bag of gardening, grilling, and catching up on Top Chef DC, followed by some nighttime photography around the Mall and Tidal Basin. I know, we’re such an overly exciting couple…

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Rachel: I’m off to the south first thing Friday morning for a conference in Louisville, but you better believe that if I were in town this weekend the only thing I’d be doing is jumping between Nationals Park and the Bullpen and then back again and again. Word on the street from some of my friends looking to buy tickets, they’re still available for Friday’s game (in which Strasburg is most likely starting against the Chicago White Sox southpaw Mark Buehrle). Nats fans, I urge you to heckle the White Sox fans that show up extra-hard for me since my Chicago hometown pride resides on the North side with the Cubbies and not those demons from the south who will be infiltrating the District this weekend. Ride them. Ride them hard (if you laughed at that, get your mind out of the gutter). See you next week, DC.

Carl: Friday night you might see me at Liberty Tavern, trying to get some of the cute girls there to buy me drinks. Want to get in on the action? Just let me know, because I reckon I will be batting zero in my efforts without a sure thing lined up. Saturday I get to see my dear friend Tori get hitched to her long-time boyfriend. Then on Sunday, I am making breakfast for Fathers Day: eggs, grits, coffee – the hole works. It’s my Dad’s favorite kind of breakfast. Unfortunately, he will be up in Philly, where he lives, and not down here enjoying a decent meal. During the day Sunday I am visiting my friend Bruce to do a bunch of yard work for him. It’s not glamorous but he’s 86 and doesn’t need to be working out in the heat of the day like that. After working like Cool Hand Luke, I plan to relax with a nice cool mint julep.

Max: Friday night I’ll be neck deep in gallery openings.  I’ll first be trekking across the river to the Arlington Arts Center for the opening of Art Scouts, then jetting over to the Fridge in Capitol Hill for the opening of one of my favorite street artists, DECOY.  Saturday I may be teaching my niece how to parallel park, but later that night I’m excited to attend the opening at Irvine Contemporary featuring another one of my favorite street artists, Gaia.  Sunday afternoon I’ll be shooting the Nats game at 1:35 and then taking it easy for the remainder of the day.

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Samantha: Finally glad to be actually in DC for the first weekend this month.  Friday it is dinner atZaytinya (mouth watering as I type this) followed by a movie at either E Street Cinema or at Gallery Place.  Suggestions are more than appreciated.  Saturday, after a day of work, I will be checking out the opening reception for artist Alexa Meade at Irvine Contemporary on 14th and then maybe wine at Cork.  Sunday is all about coffee and the Dupont Freshfarm Market. And of course, catching up on sleep and enjoying the sun.

Katie: My parents will be in town this weekend, which means I get to show them all my favorite parent-friendly eat places. They’ve been drooling over most of the places that I write about from afar, so it’s nice when they come to town and can meet my favorite restaurants in person. We’re doing brunch at Masa 14, and a meal at Et Voila, and then I’m testing the theory that if Birch and Barley can’t convince my mother that beer is the drink of the Gods, then no one can. They don’t have a Greg Engert in North Carolina, and so I’m thinking this might be life-changing for her. Aside from all the eating and drinking we’ll be doing, I’m also going to be taking them to Hillwood, and then hopefully beating the heat on paddle boats on the Tidal Basin or eating ice cream in Old Town.

Rebecca: As for many of our authors, World Cup 2010 will be taking up a fair amount of my weekend.  Friday evening, depending on the weather, I think the rooftop at Perry’s in Adams Morgan is calling my name. Quality drinks and tasty happy hour treats are definitely in order. Saturday morning I’ll head over toBreadsoda for a tasty egg, cheese and sausage on a croissant and perhaps a morning Weihenstephan. The game of particular interest is England v. Algeria, as that will impact how the US fairs in Group C. Afterwards, I’m hoping to organize some sort of group sporting activity like whiffleball or kickball or cornhole tournament with my friends. We’ll see how that develops and how motivated people are. Sunday is Father’s Day, so I’ll be meeting up with the papadukes at Surfside to enjoy some rooftop Coronas and fish tacos or perhaps hit up Two Amy’s.

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Shannon: Even though it’s going to be unbearably hot this weekend, I’m looking forward to getting outside a bit.  Saturday I’m going to check out the U Street Farmers’ Market, lay around by the pool for the afternoon, and then head to the stadium for Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead Night!  Sunday the DC Tri starts bright and early and I’m signed up with no way to get out of it, so it looks like I’ll be swimming, biking, and running around the city.  After that, I think I’ll have earned some swirl margaritas and guacamole at Lauriol Plaza.

Tom: I am an unrepentant Apple nerd. There’s no saving me, it’s just not possible.  Friday afternoon at 4, I’ll be with my people at the Georgetown Apple Store Opening, before rushing out at 5 so I can be in my seat to watch the only thing good the Nats have going for them this week: Stephen Strasburg, tickets are still out there.  The road trip has been uglier than I’d ever imagined, so it’ll be nice to see us come home with our ace ready to go.  Chicago is fielding Mark Buerhle as their starter, so with a 7:05 start, we should all be out drinking by 9:10. Saturday, it’s off to the farm for picking, and then some quality shovel-work here at the house, getting a garden ready for some tomato plants.  I’m super late, but hopeful I can still salvage part of the season.  Sunday, look for me at brunch, probably at Boulevard Woodgrill, for some french toast and bacon and coffee.  Then, I’ll be huddling indoors next to the air-handlers where sweet cool air shall prevent me from dying in the heat wave.

Michael: On Friday I will be checking out the mysterious, electro-pop act The Golden Filter performing at DC9′s Liberation Dance Party. The rest of my weekend will be filled with RNR. That’s not rock-n-roll but rest-n-relaxation; much needed after getting wrecked by Isis/Melvins on Wednesday, DJing the Revolution at FUR launch party on Thursday, and partying hard to The Golden Filter. Phew what a week! Okay, maybe a little rock-n-roll will sneak into my weekend somewhere…

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  1. Buerhle is starting tonight for the ChiSox, Peavy got injured so their rotation is being adjusted. As for the tomatoes, they can grow into December, though they stop ripening.