We Love Weekends, July 3-5

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John: Friday night I’ll be playing a show at Whitlow’s with my cover band, “Hang the DJ” and then heading down to Yorktown, Virginia for a Norman-Rockwell-painting-esque Fourth of July weekend with my girlfriend and family. If I were staying in town, I’d head down to the Capitol and watch A Capitol Fourth, which is also broadcast on PBS. With the NSO, The Old Guard Howitzer Salute Battery (what makes fireworks better? ARTILLERY!) and a string of great performers, it’s always a fun, patriotic show. I worked the show for about 6 years and you can see my photos from 2007 and 2006.

Rachel: What’s more American than spending 4th of July weekend centered around a ball park? I can think of no better way to celebrate our Nation’s birthday than that! Friday I’ll be at Nationals Park watching game two of the Mets series. Then Saturday is the big day! I’m debuting my new EP with a live set starting at 1 p.m. at the Columbia Heights Market Place. Proceeds from the new EP’s sales will be donated in honor of my late father to the National Kidney Foundation and Donate Life campaign. Of course, Sunday’s the big kahuna — Nationals baseball in the Nation’s capital on the Nation’s birthday (you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to write that sentiment down for others to see. It brings joy to my eyes!) This will be my third 4th of July Nationals game, they always make for a good time. The game will be followed by the Uncle Sam Jam on the South West waterfront. Party on, America!

Dave L.: With a long weekend on tap, there’s no reason to start crazy early with the festivities, so I’m taking Friday easy. Then the celebration begins. I’m off to H Street on Saturday during the day to check out a bunch of places in an area of town I hardly get to, including The Pug and the Biergarten Haus. The Fourth will start on the Potomac River with some kayaking before finding a place to grill up some burgers and then enjoying the fireworks from the other side of the river, overlooking it all from the hill by the Netherlands Carillon.

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Karl: Friday’s 80 degrees and sunny is just screaming out for happy hour drinks on a patio somewhere downtown. Poste immediately comes to mind but I might be the three billionth person to have had that thought already, so we’ll have to see if the rest of you head out of town for fun or head downtown to drink like me. The weather is perfect right now and will continue to be amazing. So amazing that I’m heading up to the homeland of Harpers Ferry, WV to hop in the Potomac (way cleaner up there…mostly) and tube down memory lane. I’m sure I’ll be the only person doing that too. Sunday demands pretty much three things – beer, grilling out and fireworks. My building’s 23 story rooftop should help out with that. I’m sure I’ll be all alone up there. And then Monday is packing day! (Finally, an event I can guarantee will not be crowded) I’m moving to Eastern Market in two weeks I’s need to get’a packin’. Happy Birthday America!

Kirkles: Honestly, I’m wishing today was the weekend.  The weather is glorious and I’m not enjoying sitting at my computer.  It will, of course, be sweltering again by Sunday, but on Friday and Saturday I’m planning on making the most of the relative cool.  On Friday night, I’m going to see Nats v. Mets.  Saturday morning will be spent in a bar watching the Germany – Argentina game, which will be epic.  On Sunday, I’ll be on Mall with some friends, sitting in the 95 degree heat (why do you hate us, God.) I’ve got no plans for the extra day off on Monday, so I’ll probably just stay inside and avoid the DC summer.

Max: Being my birthday weekend, my schedule will likely be decided for me by friends.  All I know is that I’ll be shooting the Nats/Mets game on Saturday and would love to see them start to win some games again.  It’s my goal to get a shot of Adam Dunn spitting his gum out wherever he feels like it because, you know, he’s a professional athlete and they have people to pick up his gum after the game.  I’ll likely watch some fireworks on Sunday as the country and I celebrate our independence together.  I dunno, maybe on Monday I’ll quit smoking.

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Patrick: I’m going to hit the road this weekend, making a getaway to The Outer Banks for the wedding of two former Washingtonians: Sarah and Michael. I expect my Friday to include lots of cursing on 95 followed by a weekend of surf, sand, and nuptials. Besides the wedding the trip will be a great excuse to stop by Sonic for a car-hop lunch, if they only had one closer than Fredericksburg.

Tiff: I’ve been needing a 3-day weekend for weeks.  So aside from the usual trip to the farm (peaches this week, y’all!) and a trip out to the Velvet Lounge to see 3 Chord Comedy on Friday night, I plan to spend quite a bit of this one relaxing with a drink in my hand. Oh, and I should definitely get out to the Folk Life Festival before it gets gross and hot again on Sunday. So I guess Sunday will be my day to relax. Yes, I know Sunday is Independence Day, but it’s also We Love DC’s birthday, so I might bake a cake. That’s right. I don’t have a child, I have a website.

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