We Love Weekends, July 10-11

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Kirk: I’m off to Mann’s Choice, PA this weekend, where the air is cooler, but if I were in town, I’d probably go to the Strasburg game tomorrow night,  Red Derby for their brunch (good sammiches and $2 drinks!) on Saturday morning and then find some pool to spend the rest of the weekend in.  Screw heat.

Rachel: Stephen Strasburg takes the mound Friday night at Nationals Park, so I’ll be watching that either at the park or elsewhere. Haven’t made a final decision just yet. Then it’s on to a two-day two-games softball “double header” with the Glover Park League at Guy Mason Field Saturday and Sunday. Will be doing my best to get some quality relaxation time in while I’m at it too. It’s been a busy week.  

Rebecca J.: As I’m just back from an international trip, Friday I’m keeping it low key with some Happy Hour drinks at the Georgetown Ritz’s Degrees Bar & Lounge. I’ve been told to try their Fahrenheit 5 Martini, which makes particular sense given this week’s blazingly hot weather. Saturday, I’ll be hitting up a local DC pool to keep cool. I’ll be bringing a cooler with some picnic goodies, lots of cold beverages and sunscreen. Sunday will be dominated by the World Cup Final between Holland and Spain. The final is a mixed blessing as it’s both the pinnacle of international soccer and the last day of tournament :( — What will I do with myself now that it’s over?

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Max: I’ll be shooting the Nationals game Friday night and hoping that Strasburg does better than the last time I saw him pitch.  Then I’m off to the Big Apple to see The Jones, one of my favorite local bands, play at Pianos and see what kind of trouble I can get into up there.  If I were to stay in town, I’d definitely go to the Academy 2010 opening at Conner Contemporary, showcasing work by some of the best MFA/BFA students in the DC/Baltimore area.  Aside from that, I’d hunker down wherever there’s air conditioning, perhaps the bar at Lauriol Plaza.

Samantha: I am truly happy to be finally spending an entire weekend in DC!  Friday night it is going to be dinner at Rasika and then a movie at E Street Cinema (probably to see Cyrus, it looks so funny).  Saturday I will be working all day in Georgetown, and Sunday looks like it will consist of trips to the Dupont Farmers Market and the S Street dog park. Look for the drooling Newfie!

Shannon: The only thing I can think of doing in this heat is lounging in a pool and drinking delicious frozen concoctions.  So Saturday I’ll spend by the pool (unless it rains, which would completely ruin my plans), and I’ll be taking a trip over to my neighborhood Rita’s.  I’d like to stop byFort Stevens Day, but the heat/rain might cancel those plans. Sunday I plan on watching the World Cup game at the most heavily air conditioned bar I can find.

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Ben: I’ll be spending Saturday down in Woodbridge at Game Parlor, participating in our fourth annual unofficial wargaming session with friends from across the East Coast, wrapping up with a trip to Famous Dave’s. Sunday will see the wife and me braving the heat to salvage our garden from heatstroke while preparing for the landscape crew from Campbell & Ferrara, who will be doing some much-needed work this coming week on our backyard. If the temperature cooperates, we’ll try some night photography along the Potomac, probably at Gravelly Point or maybe over in Old Town Alexandria. And all weekend long, we’ll continue to be thankful we don’t live in Florida…

Tiff: Friday night, I’ll probably be out supporting my friend DJ lil’e at her first-ever dance night at the 9:30 Club. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga vs. M.I.A. Be there, shaking your booty to the lady pop stars. Saturday it’s another trip to the farm, followed by a post wedding celebration in Annapolis. I may also spend some time hanging at the Colonel Brooks Tavern in Brookland, just because their AC is a little stronger than ours.

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