We Love Weekends, July 31-August 1

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Michael: This weekend I am hitting the road. Friday, I will be in the second row at Radio City Music Hall in NYC to see one of my all time-favorite bands, Spiritualized, performing one of my all time favorite albums, “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space”, in its entirety. It’s the only stateside show where they are doing this, so I am mighty stoked. The rest of the weekend will be a blur of Jersey shore traffic as I fight my way to Cape May for a wedding. If I were in town, I would probably find a way to sneak into the sold out Deadmau5 show at the 9:30 Club on Friday. I am afraid seeing him Wednesday and Thursday just won’t be enough.

Dave L.: I, too, will be out of the District for the weekend, enjoying the nuptials of two of my closest friends from college up in sunny Chatham, New Jersey. If I were to be around, I probably would have worked my way over to Nationals Park for a game or two, or potentially even gone up to Baltimore to catch the friendly between Manchester City and Inter Milan.

Max: If I have any energy Friday night, I’ll either get some people together for Jazz in the Garden or go check out DJ Gold spinning at the Temporium on H Street.  Saturday afternoon I’ll be heading up to the Legg Mason stadium to shoot some of the qualifying rounds, and later lug my camera equipment to Nationals Park as the Nats take on the Phillies.  Sunday will be spent doing the usual – editing photos and recuperating somewhere that has air conditioning.

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Tom: What a week it’s been! With my business partner out of town, I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I’m looking forward to a recuperative weekend full of Nationals baseball on Sunday, and laying low on Saturday.  I’m guessing there will be a trip for breakfast down to Ted’s Bulletin on Barracks Row this weekend, as our first trips there this past week have been nothing short of awesome, and their breakfast is not to be missed.  I’m thinking that one of these weekends, we should just get in the car and drive to the beach just to be reminded it’s there, and to pickup some tasty saltwater taffy.  Maybe next weekend? Who’s up for a quick jaunt to the ocean?

Ben: This weekend’s one spent at home, in part to celebrate my birthday with a small Star Wars (Original Trilogy) marathon viewing party on Saturday with my closest friends, and Sunday with family down from Pittsburgh. But, if I *was* to get out this weekend, I’d hit up a few different exhibitions in town, including NatGeo’s Da Vinci – The Genius, SAAM’s Rockwell and the Movies, and the waning days of Brian Jungen: Strange Comfort at NMAI. Then I’d cap it all off with a great dinner at Ten Penh or Haad Thai, because I’m craving some great Asian cuisine.

John: This weekend I’m turning down the volume after weeks of shows. Friday night we’ll be doing a little grilling out and dinner with our weekly share from our CSA (community supported agriculture) farm: Bull Run Farm () followed by a late night showing of “Inception”. Saturday brunch at Eggspectations off 28 in Chantilly and then the rest of the day will be spent building new beds in the WeLoveDC dirt lab (aka garden of joy, wonder, and groundhogs) and probably deploying traps for aforementioned groundhogs (insert favorite Caddyshack scene here). Saturday Night I’m going to try to check out the Stella Mira show at the Rock N Roll Hotel to be preceded or followed by some hot skee ball action at H Street Country Club. Sunday will be more groundhog warfare. It might get ugly.

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Rebecca: Friday post work some relaxing drinks and food will most definitely be in order, and I think Churchkey has my name written all over it. The mere thought of shrimp corndogs, arrancini and a tart and funky beer has me falling asleep at my keyboard. Saturday I’ll be celebrating a friend’s birthday by visiting my younger DC days at Third Edition, which despite it’s somewhat recent renovation is still has that St. Elmo’s fire/coming of age party vibe. My Sunday mornings have turned into cooking some fantastic Dupont Farmers Market eggs and plopping down on my couch to watch ABC’s This Week filmed at DC’s very own Newseum.

Patrick: I’m excited for another weekend of Noises Off! at Keegan Theatre- have you gotten your ticket yet? If you send me a tweet (@dmbosstone) I can hook you up with discounted tickets for Saturday night! This weekend of shows is extra special for me because some of the high school friends I originally did the show with back in the day will be in attendance, all the way from Massachusetts.That means I’ll also be out on the town showing them Why I love DC. Right now I’m thinking Dupont bars on Friday and U-Street on Saturday. I’m also thinking about H-Street as an option, do you guys have any suggestions of what to hit up there? I haven’t been out there much.

Paulo: There’s a Mass for St. Ignatius in Georgetown, which is a big deal for a specific segment of the local Filipino community. (The bigger deal for me, personally, is that the reception after the mass will have lechon.) Sunday’s looking like a good day to drop by the National Geographic Explorers’ Hall and check out the Leonardo Exhibition and Design for the Other 90%.

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Tiff: I’m needing to lay low this weekend, I think, but I’ve still got some stuff in mind. I know Tom want’s to head back to Ted’s Bulletin (third time this week; I think he’s trying to be Mayor on Foursquare) and I’ve certainly got no objection there. But I’ve also got some recommendations of places in Brookland to try, courtesy of Brookland Avenue. Meanwhile I’ve still got half a basket of blueberries from last week’s Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market that are begging to be turned into pancakes. Oh yeah, and I’ve still got to get out to the farm to pick up more vegetables on top of last week’s that we haven’t had time to eat yet. So basically my weekend revolves around produce and Netflix.

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