Comedy in DC: “Dog Days” Cliche Edition

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As August drags its hot, sticky self over the area like a dog licking something inappropriate in front of company, we start to think about the return of fall and the comedy scene is perking up a bit too.

This Friday, catch Seaton Smith: A Moment in Black Hipstery at the Warehouse Theater. He’s recording the show for a DVD, so this is a great opportunity to catch him on a night where he’s bringing his A material instead of working out new jokes at an open mic. The show starts at 8, and tickets are $5. Definitely worth your time and 5-spot.

Speaking of Seaton Smith, he spoke last month at TedxPennQuarter on “Reinventing the Black Comedian.” I caught it on the live stream, and if you’re like my friend Brittany who isn’t really into standup except as a sort of anthropological observation, I recommend you check it out after the jump.

Also at the Warehouse Theater, on Friday, August 27th is the Big Beautiful Women Comedy Hour, featuring a lineup that includes… only one woman! Yeah, it makes no sense to me either, except that a certain segment of DC comedians like to one-up each other on who can come up with the most random non-sequitur as show titles. Who am I to argue? The show will feature Jamie Lee (Last Comic Standing, and the aforementioned only woman on the bill), Jermaine Fowler (Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival), Michael Foody, and hosted by Brandon Wardell, with special guest Matt Baetz (Late Show with Craig Ferguson). Note that the Eventbrite page still says the guest is Ben Kronberg, but he had a conflict and has been replaced by Baetz.  Also of note: 17-year-old Wardell promised that if I plugged his show, he would “love [me] forever.” Being 17, I’m going to assume he hasn’t noticed that I’m old enough to make that really freakin’ creepy. Here, see for yourself:

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