Comedy in DC

Comedy in DC: “Dog Days” Cliche Edition

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‘today is the best day of Tchotchke’s life!’
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As August drags its hot, sticky self over the area like a dog licking something inappropriate in front of company, we start to think about the return of fall and the comedy scene is perking up a bit too.

This Friday, catch Seaton Smith: A Moment in Black Hipstery at the Warehouse Theater. He’s recording the show for a DVD, so this is a great opportunity to catch him on a night where he’s bringing his A material instead of working out new jokes at an open mic. The show starts at 8, and tickets are $5. Definitely worth your time and 5-spot.

Speaking of Seaton Smith, he spoke last month at TedxPennQuarter on “Reinventing the Black Comedian.” I caught it on the live stream, and if you’re like my friend Brittany who isn’t really into standup except as a sort of anthropological observation, I recommend you check it out after the jump. Continue reading