We Love Weekends, August 21-22

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Rebecca J: Friday I’m headed over to the SpyMuseum with fellow WeLoveDCers to participate in TBD’s SpyInTheCity challenge where the kings and queens of the DC blog world/scene will be crowned. After I run around Chinatown like a chicken with my head cut off, I’ll be stopping in at the Iron Horse and Gordon Biersch to continue, what will hopefully, be our victory celebration. Saturday I’ll be having my first Bistro Du Coin experience and I can’t wait. From what I’ve heard there’s terrific beer/wine, food and ambiance..aaahhhh….gotta love the weekends. Sunday I’ll hit up the Dupont Farmer’s Market for some super in season peaches, corn and sunflowers. It’s one of the last empty city weekends, so the rest of the day will be spent enjoying the relative peace and quiet.

Michael: This weekend is jam packed with good music at 9:30 Club. On Friday, the 9:30 Club is the place to be for innovative electronic music with Crystal Castles and company. On Saturday, it’s a punk-ska skank-fest with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. And on Sunday, The English Beat and Bad Manners invade with a night full of 2-Tone ska madness!

Erin: I work on the weekends, so my entries for this would usually bore you to tears. But this weekend? THIS weekend I have a day off. A single, precious Saturday. And man, am I making the most of it: Friday night, I’m on a bus to New York to see Eddie Izzard. By Saturday morning, I’m back in DC to take my great-grandfather’s old fishing lures to the hive mind at Antiques Roadshow at the Convention Center. Presuming they don’t turn out to be worth millions and that I haven’t run off to Europe by then, I’m taking Darpino’s lead and heading to the Bosstones show at the 9:30 Club, finally fulfilling the dreams of 9th-grade me. You notice how that plan doesn’t allow a lot of room for sleep? I assume by Sunday I’ll be dead. Been nice writing for you all.

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Dave: The best weekends often start on Thursday, and mine does appropriately this week as my band takes center stage at the Rookery over in Foggy Bottom. I could not be more excited, and the show is wide open to all via a $5 cover at the door. After that, my weekend moves to the fields at Goddard for the conclusion of the Capital Alumni Network softball tournament. I know that that isn’t for everyone, so my pick of the weekend if I stayed closer to the District would probably be hanging around close to a pool or at one of the many bars of Red Sox Nation (say, Rhino Bar or Four Courts) to watch baseball.

Tiff: Like Rebecca, Friday night will find me at the Spy Museum for TBD’s SpyInTheCity challenge with our fellow network bloggers and some readers as well. This weekend I am leaving for a much-needed vacation, and ordering my days around what I feel like doing, not what I have to do. So if Iwere staying in town, that would probably include Bizarro Right Round with dj lil’e at the Black Cat. Usually Right Round is about 80s alt-pop, so Bizarro Right Round will feature no 80s at all, emphasizing the 90s and aughties. Aside from that I’m feeling the need for a steak cooked by someone else, so I’d probably hit up Ray’s the Steaks East River for dinner.

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  1. Hey Rebecca & Tiff – Hope I get to meet you on Friday. I’ll be at TBD Spy Museum event – representing latest addition: Capital Comment. See you there!