We Love Weekends, August 28-29

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Michael: This weekend begins my great cross-country rock concert odyssey. On Friday, I’ll be catching the incomparable Iggy & The Stooges in Atlantic City. On Saturday, it’s a quick flight to Minneapolis for the Amphetamine Reptile Records 25th Anniversary Bash. With this trip booked months ago and the Glenn Beck nonsense coming up, you really couldn’t pay me to stay in DC this weekend. But if for some catastrophic reason my travel/concert plans fail and I survive the resultant suicide attempts, I would most likely be seen at DC9’s end-of-summer Fez & Mustache Party because I am continually baffled by this Balkan/Klezmer trend and I like to observe it in full-force whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Rebecca: Friday, I have the day off from work, so I’m heading to the Textile Museum to finally catch the exhibit Art by the Yard: Women Design Mid-century Britain. Afterwards, I’ll hit up Maddy’s for a beer and some lunch. Saturday, I’ll peruse my neighborhood for yard sales where I hope to pick up some new accents for both my wardrobe and apartment. Saturday evening, some quite mixed drinks at Bourbon sounds like a quality idea. Sunday, I’ll be taking it easy during the day because I have a late afternoon footie match, so I’ll likely hit up Chef Geoff’s for brunch and then take a nap on the lawn of the National Cathedral.

Kirkles:  This is my birth-weekend, so I’m starting things off at Jazz in the Garden, followed immediately by the Michigan Rare Craft Brewing Blowout at the Big Hunt.  Saturday, I’ll be celebrating with friends in Loudoun County at my fifth annual birthday kegger, taking a break to draft one of my fantasy football teams late that evening. Sunday, after church, I’ll probably pop over the the Georgetown Flea Market to continue a month long, half-hearted search for a new dining room table.

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Jenn: Underneath my aloof exterior I’ve got a mushy heart, and nothing gets my heart melting more than petcentric events featuring rescue organizations. If you are in the vicinity of Shirlington this Saturday from 11am-4pm, you could get your heartstrings tugged by Wags ‘N’ Whiskers, with exhibitors like Homeward Trails or the Greyhound Welfare, and pamper your pooches with treats from Dogma Bakery. There’s even puppy portraits! Cuteness overload on what’s supposed to be a beautiful day. If you can’t get out there, take a trip to the cat room at the DC Animal Shelter and give some sad kitties head rubs. Ok, now I’ve made myself cry. Good going there, Jenn. Time for a cocktail.

Dave L.: For what seems like it could be my last weekend in DC for sometime, I’ll be hitting up a few places downtown I don’t visit nearly enough. Friday will be for wishing a good friend farewell from the District by hitting up H Street – specifically, The Pug, German helmets and all. Saturday takes a pretty opposite turn as I grab my guitar to go perform as a part of Christan Hunt’s Capital City Showcase at the DC Arts Center. For the first time in a long time, I’m playing solo and strictly self-written tunes, but the other much more entertaining groups and comedians who will also be a part of the event are the reason to check it out.

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Rachel: The St. Louis Cardinals are in town this weekend so the vast majority of my time will once again be spent at the ballpark. Friday & Saturday’s games are 7:05 starts including Pudge bobblehead night on Saturday (that’s a can’t miss, really) with a 1:35 p.m. first pitch on Sunday afternoon. In between games I’ll be strolling about town. There’ll be a Saturday brunch in Silver Spring with a friend with a TBA location. We tend to favor the “driving around until we find something that strikes our fancy” approach so that’s what we’ll do. Suggestions are of course appreciated in the comments! Sunday will be my usual stroll throughout NW DC near and around American University with iced coffee in hand. Now that the temperature’s dropping a bit there’s no reason to stay cooped up inside with the television. Grab a book, head to a green patch of grass, then sit and relax. I can hear the birds chirping already.

Erin: Well, I survived last weekend and its NYC-Antiques Roadshow-Bosstones insanity, and as part of the recovery process, I plan to be as lazy as possible this time around. The biggest choice I want to face is deciding between the midnight showing of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and the midnight showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” both of which are happening at E Street on Friday night. Which would you see?

Patrick: Remember that time I tried to sell myself for $5? Well I’m happy to report that a very beautiful lady decided to spend more than that and we’re going to hang out this Saturday while I go check out all my friends that are up for King & Queen of Columbia Heights over at the Columbia Heights Day celebration. After that I’ll be working the last weekend of Noises Off! at Keegan Theatre. We’ve been sold out every weekend so far so if you wanna catch your last chance to see a really great show then run- don’t walk and snag some tickets before they are all gone.

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