We Love (Holiday) Weekends, September 4-6

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Samantha: I love spending holiday weekends at home.  You don’t have to stress over travel plans and delays, and instead get to enjoy your precious free time to the max.  Friday night I have dinner plans to go to POV and I can’t wait to catch the fantastic view (and good food, of course).  Saturday I will be heading over to once again see the Chuck Close exhibit for FREEand then will most likely get some frozen yogurt from FrozenYo.  Sunday I will be scooping up some antique finds in Leesburg at The Old Lucketts Store.  And on Monday I will probably take a nice long walk around the monuments, I mean what could be better?

Tom: Wooo, long weekend time!  It’s an extra special treat after spending last week along the Oregon Coast and with my family in California.  After all that, I need to be refreshed on why it is that I love DC so much.  Look for me on Barracks Row this weekend, and at Eastern Market, and maybe even over at Star and Shamrock on Monday.  I’ll also be working to turn my Brookland back yard into a proper garden this fall, so a trip to Garden District, and probably the Home Depot, are in order to get things underway for my planter boxes.  Of course, it’s also potato season at the farm, so I’ll likely be out for Pancakes & Potatoes at Great Country Farms on Saturday, and I’m hearing tell that there’s a distillery open in Loudoun County making their own rye whiskey…  

Kirk: It’s bachelor party time for a good friend, so we’re going to bounce around town on Saturday, spending time at H Street country club and other spots on H St.  On Saturday, I’m going to Market Brunch with some friends and make a glorious return to the Saloon after it being closed for three weeks.  Sunday is wedding day and Monday will probably be devoted to recovery and errands for an up coming trip abroad.

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Rachel: Long weekend? Don’t mind if I do! Since the Nats are out of town, I’ll be catching up with friends around a barbecue pit somewhere. Friday night I’m headed to an epic house warming/Labor Day shenanigans fest in Columbia Heights where I’m likely to end up sleeping on a roof (The Hangover anybody?) if I play my cards right. Saturday and Sunday will be lighter days including some quality reading time in my favorite Borders in Friendship Heights. In between the reading, I’ll sneak across the street to Maza Gallerie for a movie and maybe to Frosting for a cupcake or two. Other than that, Labor Day will include hanging with the AU crew and enjoying a well deserved day off of work.

Ben: It’s all about my wife and me celebrating 15 years of marriage this weekend AND 5 years of living in DC, plus a visit from Florida relatives. We’ve got an extended weekend open to us, and we’re pretty much going to go on the fly. Possible things to do will be to check out the LEGO exhibit at the National Building Museum, wander the National Mall after sunset, visit the NatGeo Museum again and explore Da Vinci’s cool inventions, or maybe check out a few of DC ‘quiet places’ so we can soak in the city we love so much.  

Jenn: Rum? Yum. This weekend isn’t just Labor Day, it’s Rum Weekend at Cafe Atlantico! Friday night kicks off a happy hour from 4-6pm featuring tastings from top producers including Rhum Barbancourt, Mount Gay and Appleton Estate. Rhum Barbancourt is one of Haiti’s oldest businesses, and Cafe Atlantico aims to highlight the rebuilding of the island by focusing on rum flights, cocktails and menu items with a Caribbean flair. One of the specials is a riff on the classic milk punch from colonial days: Kremas a New Whey features Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star, Velvet Falernum, grapefruit and yes, milk. I was fascinated by the idea when Owen Thomson first mentioned it back in the spring and I can’t wait to try it!

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Shannon: It’s my first weekend in town in over a month, so I can’t wait to just relax in the city for once.  On the agenda for this weekend: snagging some free Shakespeare tickets, heading over to Mount Pleasant for the $5 Slice and a Pint deal, and enjoying the last weekend of DC’s outdoor pools. And in an effort to seem like I’m making progress towards planning a wedding, I also intend to do some taste testing at various cupcakeries in the District, all in the name of research.  And other than that, I’ll be doing a whole lot of nothing– it’s the last weekend before the Nation’s Tri, so I should be tapering, right?

Don: After what seems like infinity+7 weekends traveling I’m going to spend this one making a concerted effort to do diddly squat. And squat left town. If I feel like prying myself out of the hammock on this lovely temperate Saturday I might take my darling wife over to Roosevelt Island, where we got engaged. Maybe go try a little dinner and drinks and drinks and drinks over at Agora. Unless we materialize some Labor Day plans I might grab some cheap tickets and go see the Nats and the Mets on Monday afternoon. Beyond that I’m just going to enjoy the sound of the birds singing, my liver crying, and my muscles atrophying.

Katie: I’m in denial about this whole “summer leaving” thing that you people speak of. I’m all about endless summer, and plan to continue as if nothing is happening. You’ll find me at the rooftop pool at the Donovan House Hotel during the day, and the rooftop patio at The Reef or on the waterfront at Farmers and Fishers at night. I’ve also got some long runs planned, as I’m training for a race at the end of September. I’m thinking the Old Town waterfront or the National Mall might be a change of scenery from my regular runs.

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Rebecca: Friday I’m headed to Dupont Circle for a ladies day with my mom. We’ll be taking in the Textile Museum, having lunch at and then getting a mani-pedi. Friday evening I’ll finally be checking out dinner at ChurchKey, which everyone seems to rave about. Saturday will be all about College Football. Mizzou, my lovely, lovely Tigers take on Illinois. And Notre Dame takes on Perdue. There will be lots of good food (hoagies) and quality beer. Sunday it’s off an early dinner at Proof and showing of Lebanon at the Landmark E Street Theatre. For Monday’s holiday, I’ll be lying low and chillaxing in morning, and then sipping some half-priced margaritas at Cactus Cantina. Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough to sit outside.

Tiff: I’m not gonna lie; I look forward to Pancakes and Potatoes at Great Country Farms pretty much all summer. There’s nothing like eating a carby breakfast food before going out and digging for something else to turn into carby breakfast food. I think we’ll leave the Labor Day meat preparation to someone else this year, though. Maybe MGM Roast Beef in Brentwood.

Carl: I will be sitting at home alone this holiday weekend, making occasional forays into the yard to eat crickets and feel sorry for myself. I will also be working on my book about the trip I took to Thailand to become a Buddhist monk. Yes, I am nearly done. Anyone know an agent or publisher? I need to sell this thing fast – Big Daddy needs some rent money.

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