HuffPo Will Bus Non-Locals to Rally for Sanity for Free

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So, that little rally that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are planning to have in late October? It isn’t going to be just contained to DC residents. In fact, the way its spread online through Facebook groups, Reddit and Twitter has led to an appeal that goes much further than the mid-Atlantic region. There has been such a response for participation outside of the area that last night, Ariana Huffington, while appearing on Stewart’s The Daily Show to promote her newest book, mentioned that the people at The Huffington Post wanted to help by bussing people down to the Oct. 30 Rally to Restore Sanity – for free:

Arianna joined Stewart to talk about her new book Third World America, but the conversation quickly turned to Stewart’s march and how people would be getting to Washington for the event. One audience member told Stewart that he would have difficulty getting there from Manhattan and Arianna told him that he should come to SoHo and ride on the “HuffPost Bus”. She then surprised Stewart and his studio audience by pledging that, “we have as many buses as people to fill them.” Arianna told Stewart later in the interview, “you just work on the message, I’ll work on logistics.”

If Huffington’s plan comes to fruition, it’ll be a lot more than just locals down there on the mall. And if you are a reader who lives outside of DC, you can register for the buses on HuffPo’s website or follow the Twitter account for details as they are announced. Now get to work on those moderate signs already.

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2 thoughts on “HuffPo Will Bus Non-Locals to Rally for Sanity for Free

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  2. I live in Middletown Indiana and would very much like to attend the rally on Oct.30th but money is every tight right now. Is there a discount bus or airfare trip package for one that you can steer me to. I have been fighting for sanity in government and in the media for years with letters to the local editor. I am not a rally type of person but I feel this rally is a statement that needs to be made before the crazies regressives(Tea Party) grab any type of actual power in Washington DC.