We Love Weekends, October 2-3

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Michael: This weekend I plan on recovering from seven nights in a row of concerts by going to more concerts. On Friday night, I hope to make my way back up to B’More to catch the return of Buzzov*en at Ottobar. On Saturday night I am finally (FINALLY!) going to see Teenage Fanclub in concert at 9:30 Club. And on Sunday I’ll be catching the Amtrak to NYC for the rescheduled Chapterhouse reunion show at Bell House.

Brittany: On Friday, I will be stopping by the first Portraits After 5 at the National Portrait Gallery – maybe I can even get a better author photo at the “pop-up photobooth studio.” This is the first Friday of a new month, which also makes it Think of England time at the Black Cat. Think of England is “a modern ladies’ music happy hour,” and what I am if not a modern lady? For dinner – and to continue the drinking with awesome autumnal/pumpkin/Oktoberfest beers – there will be Autumn Fest at one of the Pizzerias Paradiso. Part of Saturday will be spent in Virginia for the All Access Fashion events – but any actual shopping I do is more likely to happen at Crafty Bastards.

Katie: Friday night I’m heading out to the movies, I’ve been Waiting for Superman for a while now, or I might want an Easy A. Just depends on my mood. Saturday, I think I’m going to try out a new spot for a long run, and check out Lake Accotink’s loop trail out in Springfield, VA. After that I’m going to stop by the famers market and pick up some soap from Union Street Soap Works, I hear the healing bar does wonders. Later that night, a friend of mine is getting married (Congratulations Melissa and Alex!) and I’ll be celebrating their romance in style. Sunday will be a day of recovering and brunch, possibly at Ted’s Bulletin, who I hear has some royally delicious pancakes.

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Rebecca J: Friday I’ll be giving Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza a second go around. Have to say I wasn’t too impressed the first time (didn’t like the crust) but every pizza deserves a second chance. Saturday I’ve got a mid-morning soccer game after which I’ll head on over to Ireland’s Four Courts to nom on a full English Breakfast, enjoy a pint of Guiness and catch some of the English Premiere League matches. The rest of the day will be spent watching College Football when Mizzou plays Colorado, and Notre Dame takes on Boston College. Sunday I’ll swing by Puro Cafe for a heavenly latte before hitting up the Dupont Farmers Market. First stop on my list will be the pastry booth, where I’m in desperate need of a chocolate croissant. Afterwards it’s off to the movies to catch the documentary Waiting for Superman.

Dave L: I may not be in town this weekend, but I refuse to let Rebecca get the only word in about a certain football game involving Catholic universities. I’ll be in Boston cheering on my Eagles quite heartily, but if I stayed down south for the weekend, there is plenty worth checking out. I’d say the highlight of all of that would be the Capital City Showcase, held up at the DCAC in Adams Morgan on Saturday night. Also, since I can guarantee there will be an open seat in my absence, you may want to check out the omelette & waffle bar at Ragtime’s brunch. One of the best things that helps me recover from Saturday and get through the final hours of the weekend.

Paulo: To the National Gallery for Arcimboldo, whose fruit-and-vegetable portraits were a staple illustration for the nutrition sections of every elementary school health-and-science textbook I ever grew up with. While we’re there we’ll drop by Edvard Munch’s Master Prints, which I hear are quite a scream.

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Rachel: I’m thinking of catching a movie at the Chinatown theater next to the Verizon Center on Friday followed by a rousing round of bowling at Lucky Strike. It’s either that or heading to Bethesda for a movie and bowling at Strike Bethesda. I just know that no matter what, there will be bowling and a movie, so those are the options. Then Saturday, I’m playing a half hour set at the Columbia Heights Market Place — which is located at 14th and Kenyon Street NW, across the street from the Target right off the Metro — starting at 10:30 a.m. Here’s to hoping the rain goes away! Finally, Sunday there will be an obligatory brunch at Chef Geoff’s and some relaxation time at the Borders in Friendship Heights before stopping by Frosting for a weekend ending cupcake.

Don: We’re talking after the animals are unloaded and we disassemble the Ark, right? Saturday is our last scheduled art show for the year – Art on the Avenue in the Del Ray area of Alexandria. Many of our friends do the City Paper’s Crafty Bastards show which happens on the same day (why???) but this makes our sixth year at AotA and we like it there. The fact that we’re set up next to the Sherri’s Crab Cakes booth doesn’t have anything to do with it, I assure you. *burp*

Tiff: I spent last Saturday thinking about sandwiches from MGM Roast Beef after a neighbor tweeted about them, so that may have to happen. The usual trip to the farm will no doubt occur, but forget this apple-picking nonsense- I want more potatoes. Since the Ravens are playing the Steelers this week, I might actually get to engage in the rituals of my homeland without leaving the house, but if not I expect my choice of establishments to patronize to be considerably larger than usual.

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  2. If I wasn’t volunteeing at Crafty Bastards/spending my hard earned cash there, I’d be running the AIDS Walk 5k on Saturday. Sunday: Turkish Festival time. Four words: world’s longest shish kabob. Four more words: Guinness World Record attempt.